Amazing Tiktoker is changing the lives of poor African children in extreme poverty

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Together with the TikTok community, this woman is changing the lives of many African children. Dora Moono Nyambe is a teacher from rural Zambia, Africa. She is changing African children ‘s lives with the help of Tiktok. Nyambe (@doramoononyambe on Tiktok) has gained over 850k followers and 23.6M likes through her Tiktok videos. She makes videos showing the children who come to her school from either the village she lives in or from far away. Through her Tiktok she was able to raise more than $80,000, surpassing her initial goal of $6,000.
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When Nyambe first visited the Village of Mapapa she couldn’t believe the dreadful situation before her eyes. It was an extremely poor are where children were not getting any education or their basic needs like a proper diet or potable water.
Nyambe was a teacher in China, but as a missionary, she felt it was her duty to help in any way she could. She moved to the village about a year ago, adopting 7 children so far and immediately started a school.
Initially, she would hold lessons for her students under a tree but was soon able to build a mud hut to keep the children out of the harsh environment.
In May 2020 she started uploading videos on her Tiktok account and quickly gained popularity. Just 2 weeks later she was convinced to start a GoFundMe page by her followers. With the help of a fellow missionary from the United States.
Her viewers started asking in what way they could help her and her goal. Although at first, she felt like she shouldn’t accept help because she was raised to be independent. She realised that with the help of other people she could drastically change her students’ life.

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With the money raised from donations, she was able to buy and install 3 boreholes for her village from which they can finally get enough fresh and clean water. She was able to build 4 classrooms for the children so far. Their buildings are made from mud bricks which are not the most resistant.
After she got more donations she bought a block machine to be able to make bricks from cement for their future buildings. The company who sold them the block machine provided her with a few workers who showed the workers from her village how to operate the machine. She is building an entire economy in their village. By not only helping them with caring for their children but also by generating employment.
Her Tiktok account was finally verified. This means now that she can earn money through video views. She can now put more towards helping the village.

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Dora is planning on building a boarding school to provide her students with the best quality of life she can. This is very important. Because there are still a lot of African children who have dreadful situations at home, from abusive parents to not having the basic needs met. There are also plenty who come from far away to her school, not only because they want to learn. But also because they are provided with filling meals.
Dora has shown, like many other humanitarian Tiktokers, that this platform can be a great medium to spread awareness. How extreme poverty can and must be eradicated and how it is changing the lives of many people.Show 

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Show your support for Dora and her children by either donating or just by simply watching her videos. The link for donations can be found in the bio of her TikTok.


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