3 Amazing Benefits of Reconnecting with Nature

Three Benefits of Reconnecting with Nature

We can all agree that 2020 was and still is a mess. Apart from everything that has happened all around the world, each of us had to deal with personal problems and milestones. I turned away from the laptop screen and went outside instead, so here are three benefits of reconnecting with nature that I discovered:

Improved mental health

Work-related problems, adapting to the recent changes nobody predicted and limited contact with friends can lead to increased stress levels. The confinements of crowded cities melting in the summer heat only make it all worse. Taking a holiday might be the solution. What better place than a remote place away from buzzing devices and deadlines?

Studies have found that a walk in nature improves concentration, directed attention, and emotional functioning. Moreover, contact with nature helps us to cope with stress. Watching the plants grow, following the mountain trails, feeling the grass gently brushing against our ankles, and camping under the bright stars may bring a sense of peace unlike anything else.

Developing a new set of skills

If you spend time with relatives who live in the countryside or decide to volunteer at a farm, you will find yourself learning new things about growing a garden, animal raising, what forest fruits are edible, and how to use various tools. You can never know when this knowledge may come in handy! It feels great to cook with vegetables you grew yourself, and it’s healthier too!

Shifting our perspective

In this competitive and chaotic world we live in, individualism leaves little space for anything else. We tend to focus on success, to start a business, a family or simply to make a living. To balance it out, spending time outdoors makes us feel like we belong to something greater than ourselves and our fleeting desires. The sky is beautiful no matter what. Likewise, we will be worthy of love even if we get promoted or not. We will find our way even if we just ended a long relationship. The tree didn’t become this tall and strong in a year; neither can we and that’s OK.

Now that you’ve found out 3 of the main benefits of reconnecting with nature, maybe you will make new plans. No matter if you decide to experiment with the countryside lifestyle, to go hiking on weekends, or to simply walk through your local park, it’s important to take a breath of fresh air from time to time!



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