Thousands return to work after Spain relaxes its pandemic regulations

Thousands return to work

As Spain enters its second month of foreclosure, the country decided to relax some pandemic and restrictions. Now, thousands of people who cannot work from their homes, such as those in the construction and manufacturing sectors, can return to work.

However, shops, bars, restaurants, and other businesses deemed non-essential remain closed.

Some opposition politicians and a number of regional governments have also criticized the easing of restrictions. Quim Torra, President of Catalonia, said returning people to work was “irresponsible and reckless” in a video statement posted to his verified Twitter account.

Spain has been one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

More than 169,000 cases were confirmed to date. This is the highest in Europe and the second only in the United States, according to figures from l ‘Johns Hopkins University.

The country has now recorded a total of more than 17,400 deaths. On Monday, it recorded the second-lowest daily increase in deaths in three weeks: 517 deaths in the past 24 hours.

But Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez warned that the country’s return to normal life will be “gradual”. He stressed that the resumption of normal activity will come in phases and will be accompanied by hygiene measures. Healthcare workers will take efforts to monitor new cases and prevent any further contagion.

“We cannot even know what type of normalcy we are returning to,” he said last week.

Over the weekend, the government announced that police will begin distributing ten million protective masks in metro stations and other transportation platforms, while reiterating advice on social distancing and regular washing of children. hands.

The Spanish central government has distributed one million coronavirus screening kits across the country. Another five million will come in the following days and weeks.

“The climb has been difficult, the descent will be difficult,” Sanchez told the Spanish parliament last week. He extended the country’s state of emergency until April 26. He warned that restrictions the government will need to further extend the measures.

As thousands return to work in Spain, you may be wondering about the rest of Europe. To read more information about that, check out this article!


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