College Life: 3 Stunning Things No One Tells You About it

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Typical College Procrastination

We all know that feeling when we have something to do, but we avoid doing it. If you postpone the important things you have to do, well, find out you have been procrastinating as much as I have. When we have a difficult assignment, we would do anything except, of course, the assignment.

From my own experience I can say that I usually start the most thorough cleaning when I know I have something important to do. Also, then I feel like preparing that dish that I have been thinking about for a long time. But of course, some of us, always manage to finish the work before the deadline … if we manage to finish at all. I don’t know if you are more dedicated than I am, but after two and a half years of college, I can say that I have experienced all the effects of procrastination.

Constant Pressure

Sometimes some of us feel overwhelmed by the multitude of things we have to do during college. Student life can be difficult sometimes. My advice is to take them all one by one (not like me) and not let things pile up. You don’t have to listen to others’ expectations about what you should be doing, you just have to do things at your own pace (until the deadline, I’m kidding … or not) and everything will be fine. Unfortunately, life does not become easier, but fortunately, we can make our lives more beautiful so do not be disappointed by these little things.

Going out as a Student

You may have heard how fun student life can be (or at least it was), but you do not always have time to hang out with friends, because the schedule can be chaotic in college. Also, in the first year, you will experience homesick if you have the misfortune to have your family in another city.

In addition, sometimes you will want to spend your free time sleeping or simply doing nothing. Believe me. But of course nothing compares to going out with friends, so I cannot wait to go out again.

I hope I did not discourage you and I wish you a fun student life and don’t forget, no procrastination!

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