Amazing things I’ve learned being a sales assistant


It was my first job and my first experience and honestly, this job taught me a lot of things. It may sound boring, but it was a great experience and the most important thing I’ve learned from that job is to respect more the sales assistants. In the past I might take this thing for granted, I didn’t care so much when I was in a store, but there’s a lot of things you should know. For example, how to behave in a store how much it means for a sales assistant your behavior.


You don’t know how much it means for a sales assistant to be nice, to behave properly. If you need something, say it nicely, respect their job, and don’t treat them poorly. For example, I had so many experiences. One time, a young lady came to my store and asked me if I have another jacket because the one she saw, she didn’t like.

It’s perfectly fine; I had one more in the stock. But when I came back, she said she wants another one. I told her that’s the only one I had and if she wants to, I can look on the site or in another store. She started to yell and said mean things like “you don’t know how to do your job, your job is useless, you are useless” and took the jacket, tried it on and then she threw it away in the store, in a random place.

I had clients who didn’t want to pay the whole price out of reason and made a scene because it was too expensive. I had a client who lost their receipt and made a scene, they started to take pictures of me and said that they will sue the store. I want to mention, I’ve always stapled the receipt to the bag where I’ve put the products, just to make they won’t lose it. So many clients talked poorly, they tried on clothes and then threw them away. It took hours to pack the jeans and a lot of them threw them away on purpose.

If you are nice to me, be sure that I will help you and I’ll make sure you have a great experience in the store. A few hours before closing, every worker in that store has to make sure the store looks good, almost perfect. If you come at the last minute and you throw the clothes away, you have a very poor personality and you should be more careful next time. I had so many bad days because the clients were like that. They made me hate my job at some point


Even though there were bad days, I also had good days. There were a lot of nice people, I helped them and they made me so happy because there’s still hope, that there are good people out there. I’ve met so many nice people, I’ve heard so many stories, and I’ve seen so many things. People are different and seeing every time these differences was simply beautiful. I enjoyed so much being around people and learning new things every day.

It’s crazy to see how different our lives are. I was the first who saw the clothes and I could buy anything anytime, and also I had an employee discount, which was nice. I bought so many things. The best thing, for me, was stepping out of my comfort zone. I was so shy before, I couldn’t talk to strangers, I was an introvert. Now I am so proud of myself that I got rid of these things. I am ready for my next job; I’ve learned a lot of things that will help in the future. I’ve learned to take care of myself, of my money, to be responsible and independent.


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