The World We Live In


People are complicated. We have never truly been at peace with one another. Why? Well, some people are not the same as others, and so they fight because they are different. Sometimes we are so insecure about ourselves that we resort to judging others too, sometimes it’s about stereotypes, sometimes about ignorance, but more often than not, the solution lies in understanding that people make mistakes, have different ways of thinking and are always, always, perfectible.

We live in this thing we invented, called “society”.

Everyone thinks of what the others – or the “society” – will think. We need its acceptance, its support, its approval. Why? Nobody knows, but we all care. Though we shouldn’t. In reality, nobody cares about others. Those that do are, more often than not, either conservatives that get offended if their “culture” is “murdered” by the “gays”, or activists who dedicated themselves to helping the world and its people.

Is there one way to be?

No there isn’t. Everyone has their own personality; there is no one way to be. Some are very happy, some are very sad. Some are very eccentric, some are very boring. But one thing is for sure: we are different and we have different lives, and nobody is actually bad, or ugly, or whatever other derogatory term yoy might think of. Those are social constructs, but that doesn’t make them inherently good or true.

The thing about humans is that we are very versatile. Very flexible. One day we can feel like living extremely, “to the fullest”, and one day we just want to never get out of the bed.

If I ever learned anything is that while there isn’t one way to be, you can’t be something you don’t want to either. Whenever a person puts on a mask for others, it ends badly for them. Our target should not be to please others but to live a happy life, and if we can help others in any way and if we want to, we can do that, but without pretending to be someone else.

We live in a beautiful world.

We can be whoever we want to. The thing is, self-discovery is hard so we must take our time with it. But no matter who we are, what we want or what we do, we are at, our core, humans, and we should all learn to respect one another.

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