The workaholic and burnout culture, the problem of our society


How many times have you been so tired and bored you couldn’t lift a finger? How many times have you been told you are lazy when you are taking a break? Well, let me tell you something: you might suffer a burnout! Unfortunately, you might be a little cookie, burnt by stress. And you are not the only one. We became so used to this, we don’t even notice it sometimes. I’m here to explain you the workaholic and burnout culture!

What is an workaholic? What about a burnout?

Welp, things are simple. Workaholic is a person who overworks themselves and burnout is the consequence of this overworking (plus many other nasty stuff). You might say: okay, but I’ve never exerienced these! Oh, boy, you did. You did, multiple times, without even noticing. If you work everyday, from morning till down, if you did that monstrously long homework, if you put up with toxic people every day, darling, you’ve experienced a burnout as a result! Sounds crazy, but it’s true. Burnout symptoms include fatigue, mood swings, irritability, insomnia, headaches and “boredom”. You’d say that this is just you being tired, but it’s not. These symptoms include depression, anxiety, mental and emotional exhaustion, and the worst of them all: lack of feelings. You don’t feel happy, sad, or angry anymore, you feel empty and lonely.

You surely overworked yourself, drowning in seas of responsabilities, tasks and assignment. And a huge part of society sees this as a positive thing. A lot of people perceive relaxation, breaks or even amusement and entertainment as “laziness”. How many times have you heard: “I wished I had time to succumb to laziness”? It became something normal to always give everything you have and drain yourself of energy and even happiness. I’ve seen people emotionally and physically collapsing because they’ve overworked themselves. And for those that always do their best, always tire themselves by working and emotionally isolating, I have a question: Is it worth it? Is your health worth the price of money, fame and social recognition?

How to cope with this workaholic and burnout culture

A huge cause for this “culture” is competition. People are always comparing and competing, instead of apreciating and cooperating. Even I did this unhealthy habit, always comparing myself, always wanting to become the best of the best. And this habit almost blinded me. Fortunately, I’ve learned to relax and take breaks, to avoid comparing and competing and to genuinely help and cooperate with others! But it’s not the same for others. In Japan collapsing and fainting on the ground from overworking is something common and “normal”. Do you wish to be dead on your feet, trying to achive something? Listen, smart work is much more efficient and healthy than hard working. Instead of spending countless hours working, why not come with a clever idea to solve your tasks?

I know, a lot of people cannot avoid overworking. They need the money, they have a tight schedule, but that is not a reason to let your health decline. If you are one of them, try to relax whenever you can. Sleep well, eat well, drink lots of water, maybe exercise if you need to! Life is way too short, taking a break from time to time and relaxing is essential!



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