The Vienna Shootings: a new attack on democracy?

Vienna shootings

News of the Vienna shootings shocked the world. They occurred in the center of the capital on the 2n of November, around 8 pm. People were enjoying the last night before entering COVID-19 lockdown, but their joy was cut short when the armed attacks started. The number of perpetrators is yet unknown, but they stroke in six different locations.

What we know so far

The attack resulted in five known victims: four civilians along with one gunman, shot by the police. Another 17 people, including a police officer, are in hospitals for various gun wounds and stabbing injuries. The dead perpetrator, a 20-year old Austrian-North Macedonian man, served in prison between April and December 2019 because he wanted to join the Islamic State group in Syria. The authorities believe he didn’t act alone, so they had arrested a few suspects regarding the Vienna shootings.

The Austrian police and the authorities haven’t shared their suspicions regarding the last night’s events. They urge citizens to stay safe and to contact them if they have valuable information.  Chancellor  Sebastian  Kurz stated that “We have become the victim of a disgusting terror attack that is still going on(…)It was an attack out of hatred (…) hatred for our democracy in which all people have equal rights and dignity.” So far, the ISIS group hasn’t claimed the Vienna attacks.

Officials from many European countries and EU institutions offered their sympathy, proclaiming unity and compassion among the nations. The French Prime-Minister, the Canadian Prime-Minister, Germany’s foreign ministry, and the Czech police representative tweeted in support of the Viennese.

The Vienna shootings occurred hours after the Kabul University attack, which resulted in 35 deaths and 50 wounded people. ISIL (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) claimed responsibility for this tragic event. It happened after months of tension between the Afghan government and the terrorist group. Likely, more data about the Vienna shootings will come out in the following hours or days.


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