Success: 4 ideas about its various and amazing shapes


Success is something we’ve all been hearing about since we were kids – and no wonder when we live in such a capitalist society. Sometimes, it is something people would rather use as a tag for other people instead of trying to know them and communicate with them. But guess what? Success is not the only way we can define someone – and it doesn’t come under only one form.

Don’t let others decide what success looks like for you

I’m fully aware that sometimes the pressure of social standards gets so intense that we find it hard to identify what it is that we want and what others impose on us – but other people’s idea about success doesn’t necessarily have to be yours. And, to be honest, it rarely is! We’re so different that we rarely get to the same conclusions or use the same definition to understand life.

Success: 4 ideas about its various and amazing shapes

Success doesn’t mean money

Sure, we all want to earn enough money to travel the world, buy comfy clothes and nice books, afford to go to concerts and having a night out in the club – not now, though, only after the things with the pandemic chill – but I think we can all agree that money is not what makes us happy. Naturally, they secure our life and allow us to do what we want, but money itself are not a source of happiness – therefore, in my humble perception, it can’t equal success!

Success: 4 ideas about its various and amazing shapes

Never judge someone else’s idea of success

Ok, so we are so diverse that it gets pretty hard to understand each other – maybe my idea of success is having a cottage somewhere in the woods and enjoying the vibrant nature, just like Waldo did! Simultaneously, maybe someone else’s idea of success could be starting a business that keeps their schedule really busy – but it’s totally fine if that’s what make them fulfilled!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it is ok to be yourself, even when no one else thinks the way you do – and, more than that, it is really important to respect the uniqueness of other people! We have to normalize diversity for real and respect and approve with individuality and distinctness as if it is something natural – which it totally is!
Define your own success before letting other people monopolize your existence!

Success: 4 ideas about its various and amazing shapes

When it comes to me, I think success equals flexibility in life – no matter what obstacles one encounters, being able to adjust and adapt is one of the greatest traits of a human being! To be able to adapt and adjust and simply never settle in life, to find the inner strength to change a job, a relationship, or whatever you feel doesn’t work at any point in your life – to me, this is simply amazing! Being able to detach from stress and any type of pressure and simply focus on yourself – is also one of my definitions for this huge concept that seems to rule our society!

And, of course, I’m not saying my idea of success has to be everyone’s idea, but I simply think it’s great to always enjoy life and never define your fulfillment just like everyone else does!

So this article wants to challenge you to define yourself and your ideal – what does success signify for you? How do you see yourself in the future and what does the term fulfillment mean to you? Have you been influenced when you’ve set the bar for your goals and desires? Of course, you don’t have to literally answer – just thinking of this stuff and getting to know yourself better is the entire point of this little article!




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