The amazing underdog European contestants in the race for tourism  


Many countries around the world are badly underrated and considered the underdog when it comes to the game of tourism. People appear to stick with places that are well known and not many have the desire to explore locations they have never heard of. So, let me get you acquainted with some of Europe’s least-visited destinations and maybe I’ll give your adventure spirit a slight nudge.  


Although a member of the European Union for quite some time now, the ex-communist state doesn’t seem to welcome often an intense number of tourists compared to the rest of the EU members, which is devastating considering the abundance of breathtaking destinations the underdog country has to show off. Whenever deciding to visit Romania, many tourists head straight to Bucharest and Brasov, thinking those are the only places worth visiting.   


Bucharest is a vibrant city offering plenty of must-visit locations you won’t possibly be able to check out in one day, while Brasov is the home of no other than the infamous Vlad Tepes, known to the rest of the world as Dracula. Thing is, that’s not half of what the southeastern nation has up its sleeve. Have you ever heard of Transfăgărășan? Or the astounding caves, waterfalls, and muddy volcanoes? The list goes on and on. I still haven’t convicted you? Well, maybe these descriptions will (click here and here).  

North Macedonia  

Situated in the very heart of the Balkans, this country, barely visible on a map, may have a tiny surface but has been blessed with numerous enchanting tourist destinations. North Macedonia, a gem hidden under the dust, has so much more to offer than people tend to believe. From cool canyons to 100+ years old churches, exquisite beaches, and sky-colored lakes. And let’s not forget the stunning ruins of various ancient cities and fortresses.   


For nature lovers, the three state national parks, countless mountains, and ski centers are an absolute must. For sightseers, the outstanding architecture of the country’s cosmopolitan metropolis along the coast of river Vardar as well as the historical cities Ohrid and Krusevo will most certainly blow up their expectations. Food plays a major role in defining the Macedonian incredible culture and traditions. For Macedonians cooking is a way of expressing their authentic individuality as a people and the main method to convey hospitality and warm greetings. So, despite some of the unbelievable destinations of this land-locked country, North Macedonia is the home of some of the most epic Balkan cuisine.  


Another gorgeous European country which is classified in the underdog category, despite its cultural richness and for the most part unknown tourist-friendly regions. Serbia is one of the Balkan’s most invaluable treasures longing to be revealed to the world. The destinations Serbia offers have the potential to become one of Europe’s most famous locations.  


For instance, what used to be the capital of Yugoslavia is now transformed into Serbia’s most modern and international city. Belgrade has become the epitome of excitement and adventure. The perfect combination of the old and new architecture is what gives the city a genuine style every tourist is bound to fall in love with. But that’s not all. Churches, castles, and plenty of destinations located in nature also play a significant role in sculpting the country’s heritage. It would be a shame to pass out this travel opportunity. 


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