Umbrella Academy season 2 review

Umbrella Academy season 2 review

There weren’t many things to look forward to during this summer, but I found at least one. Creator Gerard Way and Netflix made me fangirl over an atypical hero family. Follow my  Umbrella Academy season 2 review to find out their story. It’s spoiler free – because I’m a nice person.

Before we begin, let’s have a quick recap of the first season.
The Umbrella Academy is a group of superheroes comprised of seven non-biological siblings adopted and trained by Reginald Hargreeves. Luther has super strength, Diego can change the direction of projectiles in midair and Allison can mind control people. Klaus can speak with the dead and Number Five can travel in both time and space (thus managing to isolate himself in the future). Ben could conjure monsters from other dimensions (but he died in a mission) and everybody thought that Vanya was ordinary.
In 2019, Five comes back from the future and tries to warn his siblings of the impending Apocalypse. Chaos ensues.

That’s pretty much everything you have to know about the characters, so let’s go on with The Umbrella Academy season 2 review!

The Apocalypse. Again

After narrowly avoiding their deaths, the Hargreeves siblings find themselves scattered around Dallas… in the ’60s. Confused and alone, they manage to make a living only to find out that the Apocalypse followed them back in time. Instead of working together to prevent it, they seem to be more divided than ever.

This looks a lot like the first season, I told myself with disappointment before realising that real life is also repetitive. The Universe gives us second chances to get things right and that’s exactly the lesson the siblings must learn before it’s too late. The plot turns quickly into something different, telling a story of love despite bad timing, dysfunctional family dynamics, and fearlessness.

Same old problems

This season should have been just a history lesson; comparing it with the present days, we see that nothing has changed much. Racism, homophobia, the stigma surrounding mental health, and political conflicts are still plaguing society. Back in time, the Hargreeves siblings have to face these issues as best as they can. My heart broke for the injustice Allison and her new friends had to face just because of the color of their skin, but she didn’t budge. She raised her voice even when she couldn’t speak, fought for her rights, and tried to support the important people in her life. She grew a lot as a character in this season, and  she became one of my favorites.

Amazing soundtrack

Do you still mutter ‘Istanbul was Constantinople now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople’ for no reason at all? Come on, I can’t be the only one! This season has equally random and amazing musical masterpieces paired with the fast-paced fight, dance, and drunk scenes. I enjoyed hearing familiar artists like Boney M while watching an episode because it made me even more invested in the show.

Not enough spotlight for everybody in The Umbrella Academy season 2

It’s hard to manage seven separate stories then merge them into one, but I think this season’s writing made a disservice to some of the characters. As much as I enjoyed Five’s grumpiness, he had more screen time than any of the other siblings. Luther, on the other side, was used as comic relief. This is miles away from the image of Number One, the leader of the superhero group from season one. They could have handled his life crisis differently. As for Klaus, he was shown as a fragile, eye candy man most of the time and I am not pleased with that.

Old and new faces

As shown in the trailer, we get to see some characters we already know, like now-retired assassin Hazel and a younger Reginald Hargreeves. We also meet witty Lila, Vanya’s rescuers, and a new villain in a fishbowl. Although their intentions are not always the best, each of them played an important role and drove the plot forward.

As much as I wanted to empathize with Lila, I simply couldn’t. Her choices and actions clashed with my moral values, which rarely happens. Her story is one of the biggest plot twists of the season, so I give her credit for that. I despised Reginald Hargreeves because he criticized his (future) adopted children into submission. His scenes could be triggering, so I recommend throwing a pillow at him. It could make you feel better.

The Umbrella Academy season 2 tells the story of the Hargreeves siblings trying to break the dysfunctional patterns they learned in childhood. If you like superhero stories, you might want to give this one a go!


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