The new TikTok trend of 2021: the wonderful sea shanties!


Listen, sea shanties have been around for a long time, but seeing them on TikTok? That’s a pleasant surprise! We all know how difficult last year was and seeing people getting together (digitally) it’s so heartwarming! A sea shanty is usually a song sung by those who worked on large ships, having simple, yet catchy rhythms. They were sung by sailors and while many sea shanties were about love, departure and good times spent on the ships, others are truly peculiar. I love singing sea shanties as well, but I don’t think I have the guts to post my takes on TikTok.

How did the sea shanties become a trend on TikTok?

It’s simple. Like most trends, one person posted a video that took over the internet. In this case, that person is the TikTok user Nathan Evans who sang a sea shanty: the Wellerman. The video quickly blew up and many, many people from all over the world joined Nathan to sing as a digitally connected choir. The result is breathtaking! Many tenors, altos, sopranos and basses entered this fun challenge to add their spark of creativity to the song.

And that’s not all! EDM and Dubstep DJ s joined too, with interesting remixes of this catchy song. Some people even took pop songs and made sea shanties versions of them. Singers from Ireland, Scotland, United Stated, England, Australia and many other countries added their touch to the sea shanty that started the trend on TikTok

Old sailor songs have been dusted off for the new generations!

Who said that Gen Z only listens to EDM and pop songs? “The Wellerman” is not the only song that became really popular on TikTok, as some old sea shanties have been made heard on this platform. From the classic “Drunken Sailor” and its peculiar lyrics (about shaving a drunken sailor’s belly with a rusty razor early in the morning” to translated sea shanties.


Got me new accordion today. #fyp #accordion #pirate #drunkensailor #seashanty #diving #seaofthieves #funny

♬ original sound – Captain McSlugs

Some of my favourite songs are sung by the TikToker Natidreddd, such as “My mother told me” and “Leave her, Johnny, leave her”. Even though many of these songs were posted or sung as covers for quite a while, it took some time to raise on the mainstream level

What’s even more interesting it’s that this “sea shanties” trend gave birth to another TikTok trend. Similar to many other trends, users from all backgrounds use an EDM remix Evans’ take on “the Wellerman” and show their transformation. From modern, day to day outfits that we are so used to see nowadays to pirates and sailors costumes that seem taken from fairy tale books!

Unfortunately, the fame won’t last long

Just like many other challenges and trends, the “sea shanties” TikTok trend will fade away as quickly and suddenly as it made its way to the mainstream media. The thing with these trends, no matter if they are positive, negative or just silly and with absolutely no common sense, they don’t last long. Remember that #icebucket challenge? Yeah, me neither.

However, there are plenty of educative, fun and bonding sources for new trends. And some of them instead of vanishing, they kind of “evolve” into newer versions. Let’s take, for instance, the #dontjudgeme challenge. I thought that challenge won’t last long, but surprise! It’s still here. Of course, the challenge took many other names, but the essence is the same.


Reply to @princenaveenhere here’s the sound!

♬ original sound – Mac

The conclusion for this fun trend?

Of course, we stated earlier this won’t last too long. It’s an easy come easy go thing. However, we shouldn’t just ignore it, since it’s really entertaining. Seeing people from all over the world gathering together to do something so beautiful and interesting doesn’t sound that bad, right? So, take your seat and enjoy your time with the sea shanties trend on TikTok!


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