The Three-Body Problem – Book Review

the three-body problem
Why did I choose this book? For a person that likes SF books, The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu is by far the best choice for the genre enjoyers. Cixin’s work can show the readers some aspects of today’s society but put them in a different perspective.


Something very similar to its title, The Three-Body Problem, features three interconnecting plots: one set in the early 1970s during China’s Cultural Revolution, another in the early 2000s, and a third one based on a virtual reality game that gathers intelligent minds to resolve the issues of an extraterrestrial civilization that lives on Trisolaris, a planet with 3 suns.

Furthermore, if you are a science fanatic, Cixin’s Liu speech is full of physics terminology, ranging from quantum physics to artificial intelligence. This aspect of the book is amplified by the very well-constructed characters, which are complex and take the readers on an emotional rollercoaster throughout this action-thriller story.

Main aspects portrayed:

One of the topics that The Three-Body Problem shows is conspiracy. This theme is portrayed by one of the main characters of the book, Ye Wenjie. She is a key character in the book’s plot, and her persona answers the question of what does it take to deceive an entire specie. Moreover, the first part of the book portrays the role of political involvement, especially the censorship in science, and makes the reader question himself if, nowadays, science can be the road to finding the truth about the universe. Furthermore, The Three-Body Problem shows one of the ways humankind can successfully make the first contact with aliens and the consequences of this action.

On a personal note, I think this SF novel is one of the best I have read so far. The Three-Body Problem is the best book if you are the type that likes to learn and read new things because it combines philosophy and science, two concepts portrayed by Cixin Liu through the eyes of the main characters.


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