The things my mother-in-law should know

my mother-in-law
my mother-in-law

Every boy’s mother realizes that, at some point, her offspring will come through the door with a girl. A girl that he says will become his wife. Maybe, until then, he was the perfect playboy and now his mom is about to become a mother-in-law. Perhaps until then, he had not known love, and now he finally found his half, his future children’s mom. That girl without whom nothing would be the same.

From the girl that will make him go mad after at some point, here’s everything my future mother-in-law should know.

“I don’t know you, and I don’t know him either. Maybe he will have blue or hazel eyes, or if his eyes are inherited from you or his father. I don’t know if his hair is dark-haired, blonde or brown. I don’t know the things he’s done in his childhood or what you’ve gone through to make him happy. Surely, I don’t know if he has brothers or sisters or what was his childhood nickname. I don’t know his first word, words or how many dreams of him as a grown-up he had. I don’t know his sad moments, or how many times he felt like his world was tearing apart. There’s nothing about him or your family that I know.

I don’t know if his name is Tom, Steven or Alex or the name of his mother. I might meet him on a train, somewhere in the city or we will trip over each other in the streets like in the movies. But I’m certain that I will love your son and you deeply. Probably, you’ll look at me with a judgemental look at first or will even consider me your daughter.

But, I want to thank you.

Good people and beautiful things always got into my life when I didn’t ask and didn’t hope for it. When I didn’t even dare to think about it, but it actually happened. They were the people who raised me up when I didn’t even dare to look at the sky. Or they sat near me and held my hand until I cracked a smile. Then I got up and started walking through this amalgamation of experiences.

I know he will have done that too. Maybe he’ll meet me in my most amazing day, or in my worst and toughest moment. He will see me crying, for the weakness of a strong woman is vulnerability, and if he met this part of me, he passed the test of my trust. He got to know who I am, not what I want to appear in front of other people. Now he knows my fears. He’s seen the reason behind many of my actions. And he stayed with me in spite of everything that was in our way. He’s gone through hell to defend me.

I’d like to think that’s why I could love him so much, but love is not “because”. It’s just love. He will be love for me. I don’t know what I will be. But for your son, I want to thank you that you brought him into this world, that you raised him this way, that he will exist in my life.

There are different kinds of love, but one thing is certain. We all need it, so we wrote this article about how to share your love. If I made you curious, then you can check it out by clicking on this link!

My mother-in-law raised a man.

All she needs to know to know is that she succeeded. She made the man I will want around me and managed to raise a man who is neither a good-for-nothing nor a notorious alcoholic. She raised a man. And I will thank her for that.


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