The teachers who changed our future

The teachers who changed our future
The teachers who changed our future

During a long and hard academic journey, I had the opportunity to meet countless types of teachers. Some have left me with a bitter taste, but let’s not exclude those who have taught us things that are actually useful in our daily lives. These are the teachers who changed our future!

We, the students, tend to label teachers.

Why? Because they don’t comply with our expectations. Our generation classifies teachers in certain categories. We are putting their conduct in the first place against the violation of the rules.

A teacher becomes a “good teacher” when he allows us to cheat during tests, of course. He’s a good teacher if he also lets us go home earlier.

My dear, the reality is different.

You have to know that no teacher is bad, they just chose their job in an uninspired way. Many choose this job not because they have a passion for teaching and learning, but only because they have managed to finish school, and now they have a diploma that recommends them. The difference is obvious.

A good, dedicated teacher is patient with his students.

He takes harsh measures when needed. As for how to teach the class, he tries to fit the needs of each student, regardless of how many students are there in the classroom.

They will not seek to have free time in that class. But instead, they will try to fill the gaps left from the studied lesson using certain examples, illustrations, programs, videos, etc. They try to help the students retain long-term information, by motivating them not only to mechanically memorize.

The good teacher is that teacher who takes his time to help you when you raise your hand, instead of shaming you for saying that you did not fully understand some things. Even if that means to give up some of their free time, if this means that you can understand what they wanted to say.

This type of person is not selfish, but a person who is always involved in projects. They seek the general interest, inform, watch and learn about each student. This type of teacher does not only closely follow the evolution of the students who excel but also tries to motivate “the weaker” ones.

The “bad” teachers are not teachers who do things voluntarily wrong.

The bad ones can relate to the phrase: “If everyone does this, why shouldn’t I?”. They do not strive to break the barriers that young people build. They do not strive to win hearts. Instead, they only respect the schedule and working time. Yes, it may be difficult to work with a group of people whose primary interests are technology and their personal hobbies, but given your sweat now, as a teacher, you can get to raise the generation of tomorrow!

Where do we find these “good teachers”?

I have given some details about the behavior that they need to have both during the classes and outside the program. You will always find them engaging in school projects to support students from all the points of view. They are also present in the councils to improve our education, in the office preparing a well-structured lesson plan, on the halls running to reach the morning hours, after all the night they had tried to finish that PowerPoint presentation that makes our life easier. Please, pay attention to every teacher!

They strive to help us go on a path in life, even if that’s difficult to understand at a young age.

Every step we take in nowadays society is due to at least one of the teachers who changed our future.

By doing this, I want to thank the teachers who have been there for me and have always supported me but also to those who have pushed me towards who I am now with their example.

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