The stages of friendship – from ecstasy to nostalgia

stages of friendship

Everything starts with a salute, with a nice glance, or the thought of not looking like an unbearable person. This is how friendships begin in most cases. Ignoring these stories, or why not, legends that were head by all acquaintances at all parties or at random moments. If you are lucky enough to meet a person that fits your style or you just like, you imagine that person as a legendary one. You already know it will end at some point, but you think that it will be much later. But you pass through the stages of friendship at an amazing speed.

This is how friendship starts, in most cases…

You’ve made a friend, perhaps not for life, but you now know another wonderful man. You’re focusing on this. You start going out, recommending books to each other, film, games, cafes and so many more. You realize very soon that you’ve become best friends. And you start making loads of crazy stuff because you must forge some memories.

You’ve gone on a trip together. You almost demolished the hotel on yourself… Well, not really, but you’ve stayed awake till 3 AM, during which you walked all over the hotel. You sang until you lost your voices. You talked about dreams, opinions, wishes, and al of these only in one night. Plus other hangouts, parties where, if not together, one would’ve made an embarrassing scene, and the other would record, or you could’ve been together and the others would film.

Everything was beautiful, so, let the inevitable sadness come

Yes… you’ve made your memories. Now is the next moment when everything is being cut off, maybe like in a badly made movie scene. An invisible wall appears there, something that prevents things from going normally. “You know what it is, but what if the other doesn’t know it?” Or maybe he is lying to himself. You lost a friend. You get over it somehow, things won’t be like they used to. You will always think of that wall, which no longer exists.

Still, you keep in touch with that person, but you know whether to call him a friend. You think of all the fun, stupid, and incredible things you’ve done together, you think of how often that person was with you, even if nowadays she barely responds to your messages, and when it comes to calling her, you’d rather not. You remember how you talked about everything, even if you have doubts today when you tell her something more personally – don’t do it. you still struggle to keep something of it. And so you’ve passed almost all the stages of friendship and reached the last – the undesired one.

All that remains of this friendship is: The image of a wonderful man, that stack of stupid memories plus a lot of pictures, videos, and other things that don’t come to your head now, but they’re there somewhere.

In the end, it exists.

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Author: Retegan Ana-Maria


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