The science behind growing long and strong hair (part 2)


Looking for advice on how to do magic for your hair? You won’t find it anywhere, as there isn’t something out there to change it in a glimpse of an eye. This is all based on hard work and lots of research. Hoping it will help you on your journey, here’s the science behind growing long and strong hair.

I have struggled with my hair for as long as I can remember. It has always been dry, brittle, prone to breaking… And as if this wasn’t enough, until recently, I only dealt with it by putting it in a tightly-tied, high ponytail, which only made it worse and looked like a complete mess.

Here are the holy don’t’s of hair growth:

• DON’T brush it too often or when wet

I know tangling may be one of your problems, but brushing it when it’s wet or brushing it too often will only worsen the condition it is in.

What excessively brushing does is that it weakens your follicles, making it weaker, thinner and giving it a wirey texture, which causes further tangling.

An easy way to reduce frizziness and tangling is by using a leave-in-conditioner and a bamboo hairbrush. Why a bamboo one? Because plastic or metal ones will react to your hair by creating friction, frizziness.

• DON’T wash your hair too often

I bet you know what I am going to say… Washing your hair too often will dry it out!!! At the same time, not washing it enough will make it fall out as well. As the dirt, oils and dandruff pull on the strands.

Washing it 2-3 times a week should work for everyone.

• DON’T tie it tightly or too high

Putting your hair up in a tight ponytail or bun will put pressure on your roots. You may already know that pulling on them does no good. Longterm, it will cause your hair to thin out much.

If you’re done with the feeling that your scalp is on fire and with the headaches… What I recommend you do instead of the classical painful ponies, is trying a lower hairstyle.

• DON’T itch your scalp or allow others to touch your hair

For the same reason why you should not put off your washings, you should not put your hands in your hair or let others do so.

If your head is impossibly itchy, try washing your hands before touching it.

Hair, even though it’s gone through lots of times, trends and fashions, it has always been seen as a definitory trait. You’d better take good care of it!

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