The science behind a first date: between failure and success


Whether it’s your first or your 100th, a date with someone new will always make you feel like jumping off a cliff. Every date has a kind of science behind it. Don’t think of a complicated mathematical equation, just add a little bit of chemistry. 

A first date is like a wheel of fortune. It may turn out as one of the best experiences or it can go totally wrong. But it’s not only about fate and luck. As you know, it only takes a few chemicals to create a controlled reaction. And it all starts in the brain. Science is like a friend in need when it comes to a first date. 

Why do first dates make us anxious?

Nobody said you won’t be nervous. You might trip and fall in front of them or you may say something stupid. It makes your hair stand on end only when you think of it. Stop overthinking! Leave the house with a positive mindset that everything will go as planned. Remember that chemical reaction? When you are anxious, the brain releases some hormones that make you even more stressed. That won’t be helpful, trust me.

This anxiety comes from too high expectations. The best solution is not to have expectations at all. Just trust yourself and the process. What if it goes wrong? You have nothing to lose, but a story to gain. Something to add to the CV of your life. It is true that everybody has a different perspective when it comes to dating. Some are more confident, some are scared. But at the end of the day, everybody wants to feel the warmth of another hand. And that’s why we wish for a good first date.


Why does it feel like rocket science?

One can make use of simple Math. Add a nice place, subtract the rest of the world, multiply with a good mood, and divide it by two. That would be the formula for the perfect date. Sounds easy, right? Well, then the questions appear. What am I gonna wear? What would he think about my hair? Does she like flowers? What if something goes wrong? 

It’s true that there is a fine line between a failed and a successful first date, but you have to trust the science behind it. Don’t be afraid of the awkward silences, the sloppy hands or the small talk. Try and build the date up as it goes, according to the other person’s responses. Create your expectations together. 


Remember that the path to “the one” is paved with ups and downs. It is a process that takes time, not everyone is Romeo and Juliet.



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