The realization

The realization


I can see life, I can see death.
I can see light, I can see darkness.
I can see the Sun, I can see the Moon, I can see the Stars.

I can see happiness, I can see sadness.
I can see singularity, I can see epiphany.
I can see courage, I can see fear.

I can see a girl lost in a maze,
Wandering longingly through the forest
In search of mystery, looking how,
In a unique way, the sun beams
Filter through the trees, through the plants,
Through her mind, through her thoughts.

In a forest full of secrets,
She walks alone, trying to find
A way back home.
Wandering around a river bank
She looks at her reflection
In the water’s sparkles
To see a girl full of sadness
Desperate to find herself
She closes her eyes, feeling painful.

As she opens them she look back,
In the water’s sparkles
To see her reflection
Even though there is her
It not feels like it
There is a girl full of happiness
Full of life, euphoria and serendipity
A girl that found her truly self.

I can see a girl that found,
Her way back home.
I can see how the forest
Once full of death has become alive.
I can see how the girl walks,
Step by step through the forest
That now is full of life.

I opened my eyes just to see that I am home
Staying in my bed realizing that
Everything was just a dream.
As I looked in the mirror
I could saw again the girl from my dream,
Just to found out that that was me.
The girl who was lost
In a forest hidden in her eyes

If it really was a dream or not
That’s a mystery, a wander
That spoke to my heart.
I feel different, I am different.
I’ve discovered myself.

Author: Dunca Ioana Florentina


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