The Queen’s Gambit: Who said chess isn’t fun?


Yes, I may be late to the party, but I’m here to share my exciting conclusion that’s not so awakening as I thought. For those saying that movies and series are a waste of time, well, they’re right! But that doesn’t mean entertainment doesn’t contribute, in some way, to the educational system that is slowly falling apart.

The Queen’s Gambit

I just discovered the Queen’s Gambit, but it’s an amazing show about chess. I’m not going to give spoilers (I hope), but there was something in this whole concept that amazed me. Besides the social, economical, and historical background, I found myself interested in the game itself. Yes, it was very frustrating looking at a chess table and not understanding anything from it, therefore I recently started learning chess.

In this world that’s full of social media and time lost on the internet, I want to choose something that is both entertaining and represents a challenge for me. Social media is making me too comfortable, and I’m just one of those who are slowly starting to accept things as they are presented. Therefore, I am letting myself learning things.

Some thoughts on chess

The Queen’s Gambit, chees

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Apparently, its origins come from an Indian game around the 7th century but have been also influenced by other cultures. But the chess played today had its current rules since the 19th century. Therefore, we have a chess table with eight rows (1-8) and eight columns (a-h) where we place 16 pieces of black and white; basically, a flat zebra.

I can tell you also a lot about how the pieces are moved or the most known openings. But I myself am a beginner and I’m still struggling to understand them. So, my advice is to “throw an eye” on the rules, you’ll find one of the most beautiful games.

If you want to learn more from movies or series…

Just be careful about what you choose. I’m not asking you to watch movies just for the sake of knowledge, because they are made with another purpose; however, some movie directors are blessing us with movies/series that are beautifully built around an idea. Depending on your taste, go search for something that makes you curious and makes you want to learn/create something new.


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