The pros and cons of shaving or buzzing your hair off


After a lifetime of having really long hair and wanting to cut it all off, I have finally gotten a buzz cut last month. If you, too, are thinking about shaving your head, consider reading this article about the pros and cons of shaving or buzzing your hair off (coming from a woman).


The relief

By cutting your hair really short, you can get rid of all the extra weight that your head is holding. I have observed that immediately after doing so, even my shoulders felt relieved. My existence felt lighter, it felt like flying.

Less hair to manage

You do not have to brush or style your hair, nor wash your hair as often as the grease is unnoticeable on short hair. Moreover, it does not get as dirty because the dirt has not too much to cling onto. Washing and massaging your scalp twice a week would be ideal. However, be careful not to strip the scalp from its natural moisture and oils.

Feels like a fresh start

If you are used to having long hair, it may feel like a fresh start to you.
Not going to lie, this is the main reason why I cut my hair so short. My long hair used to be quite frizzy and have pretty bad split ends, no matter the conditioning or the moisturising. All I wanted is to start over with my hair journey, start taking care of it even more.

PS: we all have our “Britney shaving her head in 2007” type of breakdowns.

The chill

If you get your hair cut by the start of the hot season, chances are you are going to enjoy some great chill. It really helps deal with the heat.


No protection

You have nothing to hide your insecurities behind. You can’t just let your hair down whenever you are feeling insecure about your physical image. That can be a pro, too. As you will be forced to get over all of your worries. This way, you will eventually get over all of them and start feeling more comfortable in your own skin.

The coldness

Avoid cutting your hair short by the start of the cold season. If you do so, your ears will get all red and frosted. Eventually, a quick fix for this may be a hat or fur cap.

Bright white scalp

Whether it’s the first time you’re shaving your head or not, you may have to face having a bright white scalp, as it does not get tan at the same time as you.
Because this is the first time I have ever shaved my head, I am currently dealing with having a phosphorescent white scalp. It shines brightly when direct light hits it.

Lastly, despite all social beliefs that have been constructed throughout the years, shaving your head may be the best thing you do to your hair, health and look-wise.

While I may have talked you through (hopefully) all the pros and cons of shaving your hair off, you decide whether you want to look like a basic individual or a fabulous 80’s pop rock star!;)

If the only reason why you want to cut your hair short is the fact that it’s dry and brittle, just know that you will not solve a thing this way! You can read more about improving your hair’s health right here.



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