The planet is dying? WE’RE DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT!



If you are the type of person who thinks that people have the right to do whatever they want because they are „superior” to animals, you should change. Why don’t you understand? „The planet is dying? LOOK, WE’RE DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT!”? Open your eyes 10 times more than you are right now. Read carefully what I prepared for you.

We are tired of people who judge instead of using their minimal neurons to think.

Probably not many are aware of what is happening to the area that produces 20% of our daily oxygen. They don’t realize that it is not infinite and it will be consumed eventually, along with us. The Amazon, the lung of our planet, suffocates under millions of layers of smoke. Smoke rises out of the millions of flames that are ready to devour one of the few places where you can feel the existence of nature, despite human efforts. This year there have been no less than 72.843 forest fires in the Amazon.

And this is not all…

It’s not just about the Amazon. I didn’t write about this subject because we are running out of oxygen without realizing. I approached this topic because it is the third time we were asked to talk about what happens on Earth currently. So that’s why I did not publish this article when the trending posts were „Share if you care!” as if you can change something that way. We are publishing it now to talk about problems as big as this. But first of all, let’s tackle them one at a time and ask you:

Our planet is dying, but when did it all begin?

You’re probably thinking what is the oar that leads the ship right into the iceberg that we are hitting right now. It’s easy, the answer is us. Me, you, the third-floor neighbor, the Parliament that sits on a puff chair, etc. We are all, indirectly, factors that determined the end of this beautiful planet. Humans sped up global warming processes. The ozone layer should act as a shield against solar radiations and ginormous temperature but is instead a glass foil that you stick to your phone display today and it broke yesterday.

What are the causes?

Do colossal quantities of CO2 emitted daily in the atmosphere by power plants say anything? Or maybe the waste that we are not recycling, but instead burn where we know better, polluting the air with even more poison. Also, we should not forget the frequent deforestations. Those forests helped to prevent a more arid environment. All of those are the main factors that destroy our living environment.

First the Amazon, now what?

•Maybe many of you wouldn’t believe, but polar and subpolar areas, characterized by extreme negative temperatures, are heating up. There have been more than 100 fires, in places like Syberia, Alaska, and Greenland.
•Well-known „aquatic rainforests”, coral reefs, are dying. Until 2050 we’ll lose about 90% of this species. And we forget that they produce oxygen as well…
•Permafrost melting (frozen soil) may not ring any bell and maybe doesn’t sound too dangerous. Yes, it’s soil, the one that permanently freezes and melts, isn’t it normal? Think again. Without any light source, the deep layers of the permafrost have been home to extremely dangerous bacteria and microbes. Once global warming comes into play, the melting of the frozen layers releases microscopic pests into the atmosphere.

The planet is dying? LOOK, WE’RE DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT!

Yes, it is dying. Humans do nothing about it, they just stand there, watching the shitshow. They simply ignore this disaster, more or less natural as it is. It’s not about how ‘hot’ the planet is right now when we talk about death. It’s about humans, It’s about us. We’re at fault, we’re the root of the problem, we’re the disaster.

We, as humans, choose to do nothing about it.

We choose to look at the consequences that follow our actions, our hands are stained with the blood of all the species that are dying right now. As I write this, a part of the planet is in agony, crying for help, begging us to change this situation.
The planet is crying. .. ‘You stole parts of me, just to satisfy your own human needs, now you just let all that’s left turn to ashes’
How can we stop this?

How? Doing a lot of hard work

It’s difficult to stop something that grew strong roots in the mind of a human being, more specific, ignorance.
But together we can change something. If we put our hands to work and forget the useless chatter, we’d make a heaven out of this world, that is currently something more of a hell.


We’re not Leonardo DiCaprio, we can’t donate 5 million dollars to save the planet, but we can do small things. Think twice before littering, even something as small as this action can change the game. Forget ignorance, stand up for our planet, before it’s too late.

Author: Robert Trașcu

Miruna-Alexandra Sabău



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