The pandemic declaration and the fear of the unknown

I hate to write serious articles, but I find myself compelled by the circumstances to temporarily give up on jokes because I still receive fake news and lies from so-called press articles about the pandemic declaration. People are frightened by clickbait and lying people in the media. So now we will talk more seriously. I hate this.

But before this, what does a pandemic declaration mean?

The pandemic is any epidemic that covers several countries. It can be stated whether the disease has jumped on two continents or if it has spread widely in one region. It doesn’t have to scare you beforehand. The pandemic can also be an epidemic of foot fungus, and flu, and some unlikely conjunctivitis affecting several countries at the same time. It does not necessarily mean death. And stupidity also falls into the category of pandemic because it is a global phenomenon.

Why such a large number of casualties?

Empathically speaking, on a human level, yes! Covid-19 does a lot of casualties. Rationally speaking, we die every day as stated in the previous paragraph. The chances of dying in a car accident are ten times higher. Covid-19 is a new virus for which we have no immune preparation. Most deaths are due to medical complications amplified by other diseases, age and compromised immune systems.
The minimum risk group is for young people 0-19 years (it is atypical). The maximum risk group is the elderly, the chronically ill and the immunocompromised. The virus is not invented in the laboratory especially to affect certain social categories or races. This is an imbecility for which you do not have the necessary knowledge to recognize it as such. Easier with the biological attack on the stairs, if you are not doctors, immunologists, geneticists or epidemiologists.
If you would like to know more about the risk groups associated with COVID-19, you should check out this article.

Why is there panic?

Why are the CDC, WHO and other specialized institutions reacting so “brutally”? Because it is a new virus, unpredictable and more discreet than the doctors would like. We have no vaccines for it and it has no cures other than the usual processes of the immune system. Doctors and scientists often prefer to be more vigilant or alarmist than necessary because authorities are lazy around the globe. Until a government moves, it may be too late. It also has global economic implications.
There is no panic at the institutional level, but prevention is the mother of health. What does “20 or 40 times more dangerous” mean than a flu? Nothing. It means absolutely nothing. It is a title invented by the sensationalist press and by officials eager for an audience. Is it already or could X be more dangerous? How was the degree of danger established? What doctor would be willing to give this definitive verdict on a virus that appeared for several months? Which hospital or research lab said that? I want a direct source, a quote from an epidemiologist, not a Daily Mail journalist.

How should we react to this pandemic?

With calm and lucidity. With common sense. We must obey the quarantine and prevention measures. There are things you already know and I won’t go into detail here. These are personal and group hygiene issues. Don’t rush into stores and don’t buy tens of pounds of stuff. Commodity imports have not stopped and will not stop. Even if commercial activities were ever to be stopped, the distribution of food or utilities would not be stopped. We’re not in a zombie series. You will not see packets of mutants on the street. No martial law will be declared like in Hollywood. At most, the gendarmes will pick you up if you steal three pounds of flour.

Very important!

We have to follow the direct information sources of the institutions empowered. We need to consume news directly from the sources. News without sources should be avoided, pictures not signed by anyone, anything that’s not concrete or is not directly assumed by a press trust. We must avoid conspiracies, secret treatments and mysterious cures circulating on the net. Check the articles you read. Search the identity of the quoted sources personally. Make sure people are what they say they are.

Do not drink sanitary alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Don’t abuse chlorine. Chlorine vapors are toxic. Do not use industrial alcohol even as a disinfectant. You risk killing yourself even if you’re healthy. Do not improvise substitutes for disinfectants. Masks are used to keep the disease from happening, not to get infected. By wrongly using your hand to adjust the mask, you risk getting the infection more than if you did not wear it.

Do not drink alcohol preventively.

These have no antiviral effect. You can eat all the garlic and all the vitamin C in the world because it does not get rid of a possible infection. You won’t get rid of the infection with fruits and vegetables. They are great when consumed in the right amounts and help your immune system, but the virus cannot be killed by orange or cabbage juice. Consuming too much fruit only causes diarrhea.
Don’t raid the pharmacies for meds. All treatments are dedicated to the symptoms that the disease can manifest.

It does not cure the disease itself.

Do not use preventive medicine. It does not get rid of the infection, but it can affect your health. You have the disease only once, not three times at once. How much Tamiflu do you need for two to three weeks? Nine boxes? Do you poison yourself with Paracetamol? You will most likely spend two weeks with fever and mumps… and you will be left with the dozens of boxes that will expire long before you make it to the second COVID-19.

Don’t run out of the quarantine area.

It is a criminal act and proof of irresponsibility, antisocial behavior. You deserve jail time and fines. Stay home and postpone unnecessary travel. Don’t rush to the queues, be it the pharmacy or the supermarket. Agglomeration of people increases the chances of infection. Don’t panic! Statistically, you have a higher chance of dying in a stupid accident than a virus. You are exposed to greater dangers when crossing the street or changing an outlet. In certain countries, you can die healthy at the corner of the street. People die and drown with the bread, being injured in road accidents and scuffles for the last jam in the country.
Watch out for fake news!


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