The other half of my heart, the heart of Italy – Venice

Heart of Italy - Venice

Nothing hurts more than the incapacity of doing something you really wish for while the world is on a break. I’ll take a guess and say that you wish to be somewhere else because I do too. That place is nothing special, but somewhere around the world, traveling. I’d like to tell you about the other half of my heart, the heart of Italy – Venice. That is a country to see with your lover.

That’s what you need, so here we go.

For me, Italy is definitely the country of the soul and I haven’t seen it all yet. I guess all of you saw pictures of it at sunset on Facebook and wonder how it would be to get there. Well, let me tell you this: if you are with the wrong person, you won’t be able to see the beauties and the sights of the country. It is a country for love birds, and even if I haven’t the chance to see it all – meaning the seaside, Sicily and all of those dream castles – I still got to see something: Venice.

That’s a city where you’ll find your love again, that’s a city you’ll find a lot more romantic than Paris.

I ended up visiting it by car. That was a relief as I could see the road, the vineyards, the yellow-brick villas, and all the crops at the end of summer. If I was there with the right person, I could have the world in my hands and forget about everything around me, living that cliché movie you see on a Sunday night. That could be the moment of my life, finding that fairytale love again. Find your favorite music and hop on, to your own private tour.

Heart of Italy - Venice


I spent a whole day there. The whole city is an island of shops, stores, markets, and you feel the temptation to stop at every step and go in as they make you feel living through live history. The buildings, the architecture, the paves streets are living souvenirs. You can’t leave that place without a breath-taking memory; and you can’t leave that place without leaving a part of you in there.

Murano and Burano – colors of the wind, in the heart of Italy, Venice.

Each island is important because of the things produced there. But what I want to talk about is their colors.

The other half of my heart, the heart of Italy - Venice

You can choose to live a calm but active life near the canals and to have expensive diners at night in Italian restaurants with candles and spaghetti-like in The lady and the tramp movie. That’s why Murano suits your relationship best even for just a trip. Or you can choose a peaceful and friendly life, surrounded by the most explosive colors and emotions on Burano island because that’s what it is all about – a happily ever after.

Canals. Gondolas. Sunset. The most important part. That is the moment when you feel the need to have your handheld.

I haven’t been on a gondola but I got on a marine-bus.

I was fascinated by the baby-greenish-blue color of the water. My senses got tickled by all the places and dreams I could see there. It gave me a new perspective about life; it showed me that all moments are worth living but some are special. The surroundings left me speechless.

I wished I could spend my whole life in there, trapped in time, in those small rooms and large windows, the homes next to the river and all the colors for every mood. The trip with the boat showed me how important it is to take a moment to yourself. It also showed me how amazing it would be if you’d be stuck for eternity with your significant other in a place like that.

The other half of my heart, the heart of Italy - VeniceI saw those two buildings on my way back and it reminded me of every love story that existed. They were so similar but had so many differences; the windows, the height, the color, the families living inside of them, the things they’ve been through. The same goes for humans, especially lovers: different skin color, different feelings, different backgrounds – but they still make a perfect match.

The blocks, they looked amazing together and they were a little separated from the rest. That was the visual representation of “and the time froze and they went in their own world”. This is how we all want to be.


But my life without you wouldn’t be the same. The wind in my hair and the water in my face was everything at golden hour.

This place is magical – it reminds me of a mermaids’ lagoon. Yet, this wasn’t the most important thing. Those entries and those tourists near me helped me improve myself, taught me how to show my love. The diversity in that little place reminded me of how I fell in love and how I want to do that every day.

Sometimes you need your favorite person’s shoulder to smile and dream with your eyes opened. Other times you need someone to give you a forehead kiss after they tease you when the sunshine reflects on your face. But most of the time you need to fall in love with yourself day by day. The heart of Italy – Venice, is that place and that’s where I started my own journey.

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Heart of Italy - Venice



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