The only thing keeping us alive is Art


What does art mean for each one of us? The dictionary says that art is “the activity which uses specific ways of expression to produce esthetical values”. However, for each and every one of us, art has a distinct meaning. It represents something different, it’s present in our lives in a more or less evident way. We may say that it doesn’t take the spotlight, but we can all admit that art is very important. What’s sad is that, no matter how much art does for humanity, it is continually underappreciated.

For me, visual art has always been not just a passion, but something that defines me.

It has been an escape method, a refuge, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who believes this. Sometimes, we feel like no one is around to listen to us or to understand us. We need something that can keep us going and sustain us. For me, drawing or painting always made me rise from tough situations. “Art represents a subtle way of transposing thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Regardless of the imaginative domain of the artists, the experiences have made their mark on the art of its crafter.” So, like any form of art, it can be considered beneficial. All artists take inspiration from the most significant events in their lives, transposing them in wonderful pieces of work.

In the society we live in, however, plastic art is considered useless, insignificant in the eyes of most mortals. Nonetheless, it’s simultaneously irreplaceable to artists and to those who truly understand its use. Art is, fundamentally, just like air. If we are not the authors of a painting, of a song or any form of art in general, we still take refuge in it. Listening to a tune, seeing a movie, reading. It’s natural for us to identify ourselves with beautifulness, and art is always present in our lives, whether we want to or not. It makes us smile, cry, it relaxes us and provokes contradictory emotions inside us. Art hails from feelings and transmits feelings. But the most important aspect is that art guarantees us the road to knowledge. Over time, I’ve confronted a lot of situations where I’ve heard the same things, always on repeat.

“What are you planning on doing with painting and drawing? Artists don’t make money, they end up begging. If you go on with the drawing you won’t get anywhere.”

Every time I heard those words, I was asking myself if what I was doing was wrong. Evidently, I felt very bad about my passion not being appreciated at all, even considered it useless. I always reached the conclusion, however, that it’s not wrong to follow my dream. Because art isn’t something to be ashamed of at all, it’s something wonderful. I consider that art-loving people are a lot more earned in life, are more open-minded, dreamers. People who love art are people who love beauty and they see it even in the most unexpected of places.

People my age who choose to continue pursuing art or their dreams despite what the world says are always judged by many people around them. Why? Because they choose to live a life that brings them happiness? What’s wrong with being happy? We live in a society where money is considered more valuable than spiritual fulfillment. In reality, we are raised to believe that money is the key to happiness and the rest doesn’t matter.

You don’t deserve the “nobody” label if you don’t become a doctor, programmer, police officer, CEO and we can go on with the list.

Sure, if all of us would like to practice our craft only in those areas and forget the rest, it would be wonderful. Nobody would utter a word. But if that would happen, what would life be worth living for?

We’d all need to do something that puts a smile on our lips. Something that would make us feel complete. So, it isn’t worth it to criticize those who, through their work, choose to transmit emotion. Art is important for every one of us and even more nowadays when it expresses itself in so many ways. It needs to be supported and appreciated. Artists don’t end up as beggars. There are actors, theater groups among kids and teenagers, writers who express their creativity on blogs. There are illustrators who publish on different sites, talented photographers who enjoy success because the wide audiences can easily gain access to their work. Why wouldn’t we give attention to art and plastic artists when there are so many avenues where they can express their talent and enjoy recognition? All these ideas about art and the fact that it is useless need to disappear for good.

If you’re an artist, you won’t starve, you’re not a disgrace and most definitely not a failure!

The question that we, art lovers, ask ourselves, is: “How do we make others around us appreciate art and understand its importance?”. In my opinion, we should continue to bring art, its message, and its beauty before more and more eyes from society. Art doesn’t go out of style for a reason, but, hundreds of years of appreciation are not enough. We should admire the works of contemporary artists, because art, in all its forms, continues to expand and evolve. The “underground” artists, painters, musicians, poets, writers or actors don’t need to be hidden away but brought forward into the light. This way, every one of us can continue the fight and fulfill their dreams. A lot of them built careers on social media. When so many possibilities exist, it’s a crime not to take initiative. Artists want to make themselves heard!

Art is keeping us alive, just like love. Don’t hesitate to become an artist, you are going to regret it. Why? If you want to know the answer, you may want to read this article.

Author: Anda Suciu

Photo: Ungureanu Diana-Maria


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