The “Olive Grove” by Van Gogh can be found in The Gothenburg Museum of Art


If you like Van Gogh and art in general you are going to love this museum from Sweden,  from Gothenburg to be more specific.

It is a very beautiful city to visit, especially during summer or autumn.

Besides having the most relaxing walks in this calm city, you can visit the Volvo museum, Gothenburg being the city where this car brand was founded. That is the Gothenburg Museum of Art, where you can find one of the most beautiful and interesting exhibitions from the “Olive Grove” by Vincent Van Gogh or the “Martyred Bishop” by Sebastián de Llanos y Valdés to more daring and abstract art.

Vincent van Gogh, “Olivskog, Saint Rémy”, 1889

I’ve only spent four days in this city during August of 2019 and I already regret the fact that I couldn’t spend more time there. There are a lot of things that I miss about that place, the calmness of the night, the friendly people, the architecture of the city and many other.

After the pandemic is over this is my first destination.

If you are interested in art as much as I am try reading this article.


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