Veganuary – the newest challenge on the horizon


Looking for a new challenge? Then, are you ready to start the year with a splendid resolution? If yes, say hello to VEGANUARY!   

Coined by the husband-and-wife duo Matthew Glover and Jane Land, Veganuary (vegan + January) represents a non-governmental organization that dedicated its purpose to advocate for the vegan diet and raise the awareness of animal slaughter and the consequences (both moral and environmental) that come with it. In 2014 the organization successfully launched the 30-day vegan challenge for January and suffice to say, the challenge has been a major hit considering its never-ceasing growth of popularity until this day.  

What exactly am I allowed to eat?  

Do not confuse veganism with vegetarianism. As much as they are similar, they are divided by quite a significant difference. As a vegetarian, you are allowed to eat any type of animal product except for meat. Vegans take it to the next level by eliminating any kind of food made from animals. Some go as far as removing even honey from their diet.   

In all honesty, it can be quite a struggle to adapt to such a “limited” lifestyle, as most people believe. But in the end, nothing is easy in life, am I right? From fruits and vegetables to beans, lentils, and peas to pasta and rice and various dairy alternatives such as cashew and almond milk, the vegan diet is far from being limiting. And the number of dishes you can prepare are countless. As a beginner, give these recipes a try.

However, don’t beat yourself up if you experience some slip-ups. As long as you come back on track, there is no need of feeling guilty. The aim is not to be perfect with this challenge, but to try your best at accomplishing something that will contribute to animal rescue and nature protection.  

Why should I try Veganuary?   

You may wonder, ‘What are some long-term benefits that can come out of Veganuary?’ Let me shed a light on this question. On one hand, studies have been showing over and over again that vegan nutrition is a strong weapon that fights obesity. Furthermore, vegans are less likely to suffer from diabetes or be prone to heart diseases. Last but not least, high blood pleasure can be easily regulated with the consumption of a simple plant-based diet. On the other hand, there are millions of ways how veganism contributes to environmental protection and preservation. Check them out here.  

Veganuary is more than a 30-day challenge. It’s a social movement and a well-organized campaign with the target to promote both environmental sustainability and a healthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, most importantly, it represents a chance to start the year fresh and stick to the challenge even after the 30 days are over until it’s not a challenge anymore. 


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