The movies or the books: the famous “After”


You have two choices: the books or movies. Which one will you choose? “After” is a new romance/drama film directed by Jenny Gage and starring Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin and is based on the novel written by Anna Todd. The movie tells the story of a college freshman Tessa Young, who has such an ordinary life. When she moved into her dorm room soon she meets a lot of people with different lifestyles which will influence her own. Tessa meets another student, Hardin Scott and despite that Tessa had a proper boyfriend back home, the two begin an unsteady relationship, but Hardin held a secret.


I’ve read the books some years ago when they first appeared and back then when I was a teenager I loved them. But, after a while, as you grow up and you become more mature and realize how toxic a relationship would be, you have different perspectives. Now I see the books perfect for teenagers, but that’s it. The story is complicated, they are toxic and I can’t see a future for Tessa and Hardin.

I fell in love with Hardin from the books. I saw his evolution, so I understood him better. If you watch only the movies, think twice about Hardin, he is more than that. Indeed, he is toxic, but he has a story, and it’s better interpreted in the books.


Basically, Hardin is the bad boy, the boy all the girls want. No one can tell him what to do, he does what he wants, whenever he wants. His first impression when he met Tessa hit different, she challenged him. She went out of her comfort zone, (the truth or dare game), his charms didn’t impress her, he even looked directly in his eyes and confronted him saying she is not willing to play his games. How can you not love Tessa for this?

The fact that Hardin gets so mad because Tessa refuses him because she has a boyfriend, still, so toxic. He is a toxic boyfriend for Tesaa and a bad boy because of his anger issues, that’s the only thing that keeps up his “bad and cool guy attitude”. His outbursts, his panick attacks that lead to destroy things and people’s feelings, his alcohol addiction, all of these make him toxic. He played her from the start.

Tessa, she is toxic too. I think that if you put them together, they ar eboth toxic. But, if you take them separately, Hardin is the only toxic one. She becomes toxic in this story when she still believed his lies, she still cares for him even though he always makes her crying and always hurt her. No matter how much he hurts her, she is still there for him. In real life, you should not allow this type of behavior.

This is why I mentioned earlier that this story is for teenagers, because a mature person won’t allow this. As a teenager, try not to idolize their relationship, you will never be happy in a relationship like this. Yes, they are always coming back. But their fights, it’s not worth it. In real life, you should be in a relationship with someone that stays, not someone who always fights with you and always leave you alone and heartbroken.


I’ve rolled my eyes so many times reading these books. I am not ashamed and I don’t regret it. My answer is of course, the books. The story hits different. There are a lot of important aspects from the books that the movies didn’t show. You’d understand more the characters, the plot, their reasons, if you read the books first.

The movie is good, but it’s too little. You’d like the story more if you read the books, the movies could never make you feel what the books could. I’ve read them in a few days, and this one says a lot. After a few years, I still like the story. Now I understand it, now I see the things differently, now that I am not a teenager anymore and not attracted to “bad boys”.



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