The Most Haunted Places in Romania (Part 2)


Does anyone remember the Discovery Channel show “A Haunting” ? It said that “between the things we see and the things we fear, there is a world of possibilities”. So, let’s explore together that supernatural realm while we uncover more of the most haunted places in Romania.

The Casino in Constanta


Many urban legends surround this historical landmark of the Black Sea Harbor, inaugurated in 1910. Firstly, one of them tells the story of a mourning sailor who built this edifice in memory of his late daughter. He wished to create a place where young people could enjoy themselves, as his 17 year-old girl hadn’t had the chance. Not only this, but some architects believed that from above, the building looked like a funeral car or an ancient sarcophagus.

Stories of desperate gamblers who drowned and haunted the place are also familiar among locals. They believe that their restless souls often stir storms on the sea. Moreover, during the Crimean War (1853-1856), many French soldiers died here of cholera and were buried around the Casino. During WW1, it became a campaign hospital, and 10 people died during bombardments. This made the aristocrats of the time afraid to enter the rebuilt Casino years later.


Palace of Parliament in Bucharest



Declared “World’s largest civilian building with an administrative function”, “World’s most expensive administrative building” and “World’s heaviest building”, it is also the home of many ghost sightings. The employees working night shifts recall communicating with the spirits of people who died violently in the area. Giovanni is one such character. He was a nobleman in the 18th century, wearing a fox fur around his neck. He was murdered in his mansion which had been built on the grounds of the Palace and he now haunts the official private parties held there.

Anca is another soul wandering around the halls. Kidnapped and tortured by some workers in the 80s, she managed to escape. Unfortunately, she fell to her death in a ditch full of metal spikes. The police couldn’t find her because cement covered her body. Other workers who died due to accidents during constructions are also roaming around the Palace in their summer or winter uniforms. Employees also mentioned the ghost of a crying child, a military captain from the communist period and 7 soldiers playing football.


Jean Troianos House in Braila

"between the things we see and the things we fear, there is a world of possibilities". So, let's explore together that supernatural realm while we uncover more of the most haunted places in Romania.
source : Natasagalches Blog

Built at the end of the 19th century by a Greek merchant called Nicolachi Mavrocordulas, this house has a dark past. In 1985, following some reconstruction works, a human skeleton was found in the basement. Medical examiners discovered that the bones belonged to a 30 year-old woman, with a gunshot wound in her skull. The legend tells how Nicolachi married a young Romanian woman named Voica and found her in bed with another man. That’s when he supposedly shot her and hid her body behind a brick wall in the basement. Locals say that Voica’s spirit still haunts the house to this day.

As you can see, paranormal activities don’t only happen in American movies. They can take place anywhere, sometimes in places less known to the public eye.

If you want to read more about these supernaturally charged areas, check out the first part of Romania’s most haunted places here: The Most Haunted Places in Romania (Part 1)


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