The most expensive watch in the world: Patek Philippe Supercomplications

source: Celebre Magazine

It’s not just a watch. It’s a pocket watch, a jewel more expensive than a mansion on the seashore. And if we consider the neighborhood to be the most luxurious jewel brand, I am convinced today that I am wrong. The title of “the most expensive watch” is a Patek Philippe Supercomplications, an engraved watch made of pure gold and diamonds.

Before I express my opinion on this watch, let’s find out who this brand is. According to the brand’s history, Antoine Norbert de Patek and François Czapek founded Patek in 1839. In 1850, Patek, Philippe & CIE opened its factory in Geneva, today the main headquarters of the brand. The creation of watches began in 1868, with a Swiss watch made especially for the Hungarian countess. In 1902 the first double chronograph clock with a special date indication system created by the same brand in 1889 appeared.

What do I personally think about this watch?

Indeed, the quality of a Swiss watch is unquestionable, but it is not worth all that money. I don’t see the point of having $24 million thrown in the wind for a watch. With 5% of the money, you can buy a pretty expensive house and car. And if you want expensive jewelry, you could buy a Rolex watch for 25,000 dollars, which is not a small price. In short, the watch deserves a maximum of $3,000,000, but even so I think it’s too much for an accessory that will be locked in a safe of most of the time.

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