The moment of change


Very often I think about what we feel. I think about about our being, about what we truly are. Rationale, the man was made to change and to perceive everything that is happening around him through the three faculties of the soul: judgment, willpower and feeling.

The judgment

The man’s judgment, the power of judge, perceive and change everything that happens around him. Very often we don’t realize what we humans truly are. We don’t realize that we are more than a smile or than twinkle. We forget to value what is the best in us and to give meaning to our lives, to color it with crayons of love, of happiness and of morality.

And… we are humans with the power of seeing what is happening around us. We have the power of taking decisions, of being what other beings can’t be. When we speak about judgment we know that people aren’t just simple beings on the earth and that we are above. The judgment is closely related to willpower and feeling.

The willpower

Also, besides judgment and feeling, we’ve been blessed with willpower. The second faculty of the soul, the free willpower, the freewill, the thing that no one can take from us. That is why willpower must be guarded by the man’s conscience because the willpower without conscience is like the wild and hungry lion in the middle of a herd of antelopes. The willpower is about morality, love, about how much we offer, about how much we are willing to love and to feel.

The feeling

The third faculty of the soul, the feeling. The delicate subject but still the most beautiful, about feeling, bring harmony and welfare in life. If, until now, we saw that judgment is related to willpower, here it comes the feeling and it completes them. The feeling speaks about what we feel day by day. That feeling when you see the person you love, the happiness of a child when you give him a hug, the parent’s smile when they see you after a long time.

The feelings must be seen in their fullest sense, the positive sense because we humans are meant to be happy. But at the same time receiving and giving all is the most beautiful in us, the feelings of love, of communion, of gratitude.

These three complete one each other and if you really understand them, they can lead everyone to the happiness they are looking for.

Very often we don’t know how to manage and how to take care of them, this is why we feel that we fail. My guess is that if we would try to offer more from us, a little bit of love today, a little bit of sacrifice for our friend tomorrow, some beautiful words the next day, we’ll get used to it and we’ll educate ourselves. The kindness being present in our lives and the love starting to make part of our priorities.

We should fill our minds with good things so that the bad ones won’t fill. Let’s color our life as we want and make it how it must be, wonderful! We don’t have to be always with our head down, upset and careless with ourselves and with those around us. I think that the most beautiful feeling is when you offer and receive smiles, when you love and when you are loved when you offer and receive happiness.

We can draw a conclusion about life and about it sense, about the moment of change, about the moment in which you decide to be better, more loving and more forgiveness. Today is better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today until you have love and happiness in your life. Be happy in every moment of your life and don’t forget to make a good change in every moment of your life.

Author: Vlad Maxim

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