The meme industry explodes! WW3 between the memers and the journalists is forseen!


From a few “harmless” online jokes to pop-culture and then to a huge industry! In only a decade, the evolution of the “Meme phenomenon” happened at a remarkable speed.

No one can deny it. POV21’s sociology and marketing experts have analyzed this issue, and the prospects are not good. At least, not for the journalists, LMAO. According to our complex research, if WW3 or Global Warming won’t kill us all, the journalist’s job will disappear within 10 years.

There you go, my beloved memers

The journalists will be replaced by a bunch of high school or college students who will deliver fresh meme-news, right from their messy bedrooms.

How professional! Think about it. It’s 2030. You wake up and get ready to go to work. You open “9gag news” and, in a few minutes, you have all the information you need. Isn’t it just fantastic? For the journalists, this professional disaster can be compared to the automation for the teachers, or for the factory workers. “I’m desperate”, a journalist confessed. “I never considered a professional reconversion, I’ve been a journalist for all of my life.” Now, he is searching for memeology courses, so he can enroll in the (not-so-)complex meme industry. However, this is a potentially profitable job for all the teenagers who, as most middle-aged adults say, “lose their time on the Internet”.

All we have to say is “Ok, boomers!”.

Moreover, the analysts consider that the third Industrial Revolution has started thanks to the meme industry. This decade will be remembered in history as “The Meme-Industrial Revolution”. When you will have grandsons, you can share incredible stories about how hard it was for you to enter in this important meme world and how your parents did not support you because duuh, boomers! So, forget all the work you have done until now.

Another one, mmmm

Forget all your big dreams of becoming a programmer at Google, or a great lawyer. The future is successful for the meme-makers.

By using just the Meme Generator app and your crazy mind, you can take over the world. Become a new Joseph Pulitzer, without doing stupid things like… actually working! You know, making memes about the situation on the battlefield in WW3 might save your lazy ass.

Author: Raluca Călin

Credits for the memes: Raul Peterlin


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