The lesser evil is absolutely still evil


I’ve talked about communism before and while in the Eastern European countries (especially the former communist countries) the communist ideology and evil was (and still is) talked about a lot, the other side of the coin wasn’t really discussed. As a Romanian I didn’t really heard much about how bad the other extreme (the far right one) is since communism lived longer in the society. And thus, many people think that the “lesser evil” is better. Nope, there is no such thing. Why? Well, my dear reader, allow me to explain.

Your enemy’s enemy will never be your friend

If we try to compare Hitler to Stalin, a big majority will say that Hitler was more evil and cruel. This comes especially from the Western part of the world. But if we talk with someone who endured the cruelty of communism, they will say that Stalin was the evil one. The right answer? They were both horrible people who had inhumane, cruel and idiotic ideologies in an equal way. But since people usually hear only one side of the story, the other extreme sounds tempting.


In reality, the enemy of your enemy will never be your friend. Why? Because they are still an enemy, they seek revenge, they manipulate and want control. Let’s say that there are two equally bad people: person A and person B and this person A is your enemy, they hate you, they want to make you suffer. And suddenly person B want to help you to stop person A. Is person B your friend? Of course not! Just like person A hates you and wants to make you suffer, person B feels the same towards person A. They are equally evil. Person B wants control, just like person A.

OK, so, how does this help you?

This logic applies everywhere: from politics to morality, from food to people. Although there are some cases when you cannot choose the good instead of the lesser evil, in the everyday life, you have this liberty of choice most of the times.

Let’s say that you are a heavy smoker and you want to quit smoking and replace it with something else. In this example you have two choices: to excessively eat all sorts of food and sweets or exercise. You don’t really know much about either choices, you heard that eating too much food can cause problems, you don’t know them. And exercising does not seem interesting. So you choose to overeat and without realizing, after sometime, you have heart-problems, diabetes and feel addicted, just like you were with smoking.


Not knowing and not learning about the other choices can cause huge problems. If you do not educate yourself, if different sources won’t give you the other sides of the story in details you might blindly choose the evil part once again. It seems simple, yet is really complicated. This is how 80% of the racists, homophobic, anti-Semitic, misogynistic and misandrist people blindly choose their ideology. Communist, fascist or authoritarian powers grow based on the same principle.

What can you do then?

Of course, there are times when you have no choice. It’s tough and it can drain you when you know that there are no good variants. In times like these you cannot do much about it. But usually these times occur rarely and in your every-day life you have almost all the power to decide. So, before deciding, see what all the available choices imply, what they mean, how they can affect those around you.


Keep your eyes open, be diligent and inform yourself. Good education, knowledge and reason are your allies, forever!


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