The lack of moral values during the COVID-19 outbreak

lack of moral values
You and me, we are both human beings. We like to think that we live in a society where we follow certain rules in order for it to work well and that we have some kind of moral code, which all of us have to follow, even when a catastrophe happens. For example, a tornado hits the city. A massive earthquake destroys the whole country. A dangerous virus spreads in the whole world. Well, guess what? In our so-called evolved brains, the concepts of collectivity, of wellbeing of those around us and so on, completely disappear for a moment. Have you noticed this lack of moral values in this “apocalyptic” scenario?
The solution is not panic, but information. You can read 7 myths about Coronavirus here!
Our minds enter survival mode, which doesn’t mean that we make the wisest decisions. We rush to the supermarkets and start buying tons of toilet paper and canned food. Also, we even buy hand sanitizers for a huge price just because we want to “protect” ourselves from the virus.

If you haven’t realized yet, I’m talking about the Coronavirus outbreak and the stupidity that followed it among us.

Instead of thinking about how we can contribute to bringing this pandemic to an end, most people have thought about how to survive. Yes, survival. This term is a bit harsh. But it is perfect to describe what these people mentioned above think they’re doing.
They don’t understand that there’s enough food for everyone and that they don’t need to stock up on toilet paper for the next 15 years.
There’s another category of people that just don’t care about the virus. They think that it is some kind of joke, which makes them ignore every warning. There are people that KNOW THAT THEY ARE INFECTED WITH THE VIRUS and still decide to not tell anyone about it and travel by plane, putting all the passengers in danger while spreading the virus. Why treat it as a real danger when it is easier to treat it as a regular flu?
I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but it is a real danger. Thousands of people are dead because of it. I know that more people die of hunger or because of the actual flu every year, but this is an unknown enemy. It still has its secrets.

How do you fight an enemy that has secrets? Well, NOT BY IGNORING THEM.

Let’s forget about the lack of moral values that these people have. Just imagine how it would’ve been if everyone reacted according to the situation. Clearly, there would’ve been better results. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and it would be impossible to do so because it is in our nature to panic and there is also this little thing called “natural selection”.
This is the reality and it is happening right now. We can only make a difference by being rational, staying at home, protecting ourselves and at the same time, everyone around us.


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