The indie genre: 5 remarkable albums

Over the years, indie has become an umbrella term for artists and bands that do not know how to describe what they sing, or they simply do not care enough about it.
Myself included. I switch between the genres so often that sometimes I do not even know what to say I’m listening. I’ll just throw around a bunch of names that I listen to frequently, and it is what it is.
To be honest, I do not care that much about genres. I mostly use them when I want to recommend something to someone (or somebody asks me for something) because it is a bit easier to construct an image about the band or the artist.
I find it easier to say that someone is more connected with a certain genre when you refer to old music (like classical, jazz, blues, rock, metal with its 1000 subgenres).
Ok, maybe I exaggerated with 1000 subgenres but there are so many metal subgenres.
So, when I say indie, take it with a pinch of salt. It might not be primarily indie, but with other genres combined.
The albums are not ranked, it is just what I’ve listened to in the last year and found good.

1. Happy Camper 2018 – Summer Salt

I do not know if they labeled themselves with the indie name, but the YouTube algorithm sure did. From what I identified their music is a combination of Bossa Nova, Jazz, and old pop (like ‘60s-70’s pop). I think this album is good because it brings out their essence. It is the first full-length album, but it has a bit of everything that they like to do. It is a good introduction to their music. Not only that, but it feels like a chill coming of age album.
5 remarkable indie albums
The album cover. Taken from

2. Foreplay 2018 – Mild Orange 

Honestly, one of the sexiest things I have ever heard. Every time I listen to it, it feels heavy. Heavy feelings, heavy rhythm, but then everything floats naturally. The lyrics are simple, straightforward, and as much as you need. The voice is stunning! It adds to the dreamy context. I think the music is a combo between indie music and dreamy pop.

5 remarkable indie albums
The album cover. Taken from

3. Life&Love 2017 – Skinshape

More precisely, it is 60s-70s funk with folk combined with different psych and African motifs.
For me, it describes how life truly is. Chill with a bit of sadness. Calm with a twitch of weird sounds. Hippie with a drop. Mostly being zen, but some feelings underneath. I do not know, it just feels like home every time I listen to it. I relate to it too much.
5 remarkable indie albums
The album cover. Taken from

4. Banditry 2018 – Wet Bandits

They do not have so many songs or albums, I think you can find some YouTube playlists with every song of them and just listen to that instead if you like. It just happens that the songs on this EP are the ones that I like the most. Especially ‘Movies as Friends’, it is like it speaks about relationships that you never had, or you feel like it is fitted for the context you’re in.
I think they lean towards indie with a bit of pop. But the pop mixed with indie is so different from mainstream pop. It’s more dreamy, a bit heavy due to the voices and the musical arrangement. Sometimes it is like you can visualize the 70s hippie atmosphere: sandals, a lava lamp, and eternity to spend with your fictional crush.
5 remarkable indie albums
The album cover. Taken from

5. Between days 2018 – Far Caspian

I think this is their first EP, and I am just stunned by how versatile it is. I basically listen to it when I’m working out, cleaning, doing homework, chatting with people, or just relaxing. It has that warm summer feeling with the easiness of singing. It feels more child-like than others being absolutely cute. Likewise, it carries a particular truthfulness and joyfulness that I can’t put my finger on.
Even now, when I’m thinking about it, a smile comes to my face that makes me forget how tired I actually am! It gives so many good vibes.
5 remarkable indie albums
The album cover. Taken from
I hope you’ll enjoy the albums as much as I did! I also recommend this nice playlist.



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