The importance of kindness – a daily but an essential routine


You would expect me to talk about a revolutionary routine or product that made me lose weight, or grew my lashes longer or cleared my skin overnight. Unfortunately for some, I am not.

There are many things I do on a daily basis, such as: listening to music, watering my plants, taking walks, meditating, but none of them do me as good as being kind does.

Cultivating kindness. Being kind.

Nothing out of the ordinary, right? I bet that if you could, you would hit the ceiling telling me about how you have just been kind last Thursday for not letting your anger out on your kids after having “such a rough day at work”. Such things, as in this case: knowing how to properly release negative feelings, do not count as being kind. They’re humanely.

I advise you to ask yourself once in a while:
What is the last time I have smiled at a stranger? What is the last time I have let my younger sibling eat the last piece of chocolate? Or what is the last time I have let my co-worker/classmate win an argument even though I was right? (or so you thought)


I know exactly what you may be thinking: “How am I supposed to be kind when I seem to be losing my last crumbs of hope in humanity as the days pass by?”
My mother always told me: “what goes around, comes around”, and yours may have told you something similar. It’s called the Law of Cause and Effect and what it says is that if you’re being kind to others, the Universe will be kind to you.
So if you’re not feeling like being altruistic and doing things for the sake of others (whether that’s because they don’t deserve it or because you’re not in the mood), at least be nice for your own sake. If you’re motivated to do it for yourself, it will quickly turn into an automatism.

Kindness with animals or nature

If you’re a loner and have no one to be kind to, or whenever your kindness gets rejected, keep in mind that animals or nature in general would never do such things. You can always be kind to a plant, to a stray cat, to a tree.
I actually believe that the ability of bringing plants back to life and animals back on their feet is the ultimate proof of kindness.
So if you’re ever doubting yourself, I suggest buying a dying plant and trying to help it live. Or even adopting a sick animal from a shelter and helping it recover. And the best part is, they will also grow into your best friends.


Feed some birds, leave notes for the people you love, hold the door open for someone, ask someone how their day was and carefully listen. You can make your life beautiful so easily, it’s all in the small things.


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