The Horoscope – Sham or charm


I think everyone heard at least once the question “What sign are you?” or the unforgettable “Do you follow the horoscope?”, questions that started to be part of a set we have when we meet a stranger.

We’ve always been wishing for simplicity, for a method through which our lives can simply become easier to endure. So, we went down a rabbit hole of superstitions that became weirder and weirder.

Thus, I will present you with one of the biggest superstitions that we stumble upon every day… and the truth behind the horoscope.

Is the horoscope a lie?

Oh, dear horoscope, I can’t wait for the morning to come so I can turn on the TV, and enjoy myself with the necessary information to get me through the day.

No, dears, this isn’t how the horoscope works. If you’re one of those who compare this term with those 5 minutes dedicated for soothsayers on the TV, learn that you lived a lie.

The horoscope represents a prediction of astrological order using the position of stars at the birth of a person. So, looking daily at a bunch of events that will never occur won’t help you because it is too much of a vague search. Thus, the only way to make use of the zodiac is to calculate your day and hour of birth, but you won’t be capable of building your empire.

Though, you will learn some very interesting information about your personality and your compatibility with certain activities and fields of work.

What’s the deal with the signs?

In the European zodiac, 12 signs have the role of describing human typologies, defined by the birthday. This is how the known horoscopical stereotypes have been created, such as:

Egotistical like a Leo
Stubborn like a Taurus
Free like an Aries
Emotional like a Cancer
Calm like a Libra

And the list goes on. These characteristics are superficial and they’re usually associated just as a way of humor for those that, absurdly, manage to possess them.

The horoscope is impure mathematics

In conclusion, for encouraging results, signs need to be consulted using the calculation of your day and hour of birth. If we abstract everything to the entire period of the sign, it’ll become a failure.

Wait! More types of zodiacs!?

You thought we’re the only ones that used these kinds of methods to peek at the future? Not even close!

There’s plenty of types of zodiacs more or less known. Here are some other versions that might look interesting:

The tree zodiac

This one has 22 signs that carry tree names: for example hazelnut, maple, pine tree, hornbeam, fig tree, olive tree and so on.

The floral zodiac has 9 signs:

Sunflower – 1, 10, 19, 28
Peony – 2, 11, 20, 29
Lady’s-slipper – 3, 12, 21, 30
Bachelor’s button – 4, 13, 22, 31
Iris – 5, 14, 23
Poppy – 6, 15, 24
Orchid – 7, 16, 2
Daisy – 8, 17, 26
Rose – 9, 18, 27

The totemic zodiac includes 12 signs:

Otter – 20th January – 18th February
Wolf – 19th February – 20th March
Falcon – 21st March – 19th April
Moose – 20th April – 20th May
Eagle – 21st May – 20th June
Salmon – 21st June – 21st July
Panther – 22nd July – 22nd August
Owl – 23rd August – 21st September
Raven – 22nd September – 22nd October
Snake – 22nd October – 22nd November
Horse – 23rd November – 21st December
Bear – 21st December – 19th January


Coming back to the truth behind the signs, we can say the horoscope is a tricky situation! Because, on one part, it can fool you, and on another, it can offer you useful information.

It depends on the way you receive it and on the expectations you have from these ancient spells.

I hope that this article enlightened you on its use!

Author: Robert Trascu


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