The Hollywood Reporter Calls Johnny Depp Impossible to Work with


Is Depp slowly excluded from the industry?

In case you are not up-to-date with the latest news regarding Johnny Depp and his controversial trial, things are not looking up for the actor at the moment. After losing the suit against the tabloid newspaper The Sun, the production of “Fantastic Beasts” excluded Depp from the sequel. On the brighter side, Dior decided to keep him as the face for their popular fragrance, “Sauvage”.

However, this doesn’t ensure us that his image will not continue to suffer due to the legal trials going on between him and Amber Heard. Most parts of the industry still refuse to associate themselves with an actor who was publicly called “a wife-beater”. If you want to read more about the lawsuit, check out our article here.

The Hollywood Reporter calls Depp “radioactive”

On December 9th, The Hollywood Reporter published an article regarding Johnny Depp’s unfortunate decay. However, the article was far from objective. It starts by criticising and interpreting the actor’s decisions throughout life. The first outrageous claim is that Depp has become impossible to work with, due to his alleged destructive behaviour. “He’s radioactive”, the article says.

The online publication portrayed Johnny Depp as an out-of-control madman. The article blames his exclusion from the industry on his “erratic and violent behaviour” and “thirst for revenge”.  It proceeds to provide us with instances where the actor has abused of alcohol and drugs. If you want to read the whole article, the source is here.

Cutting his own finger on the set of The Pirates of The Caribbean

The Hollywood Reporter brings up a story regarding the allegedly true way Johnny Depp injured his finger. In court, the actor claimed his ex-wife had thrown a bottle at him and caused the injury. Well, the article states differently.

During the shooting of The Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Depp allegedly swallowed eight ecstasy pills and had a crisis. This supposedly culminated with him slicing his own finger. This incident caused the production to close for two weeks. However, when asked about Depp’s injury, producer Jerry Bruckheimer claimed it was purely an accident. He suggested “he got it caught in a car door”.

What could salvage Johnny Depp’s image?

Regaining the trust of the public will take Depp more than expected. However, he can regain his reputation if he wins the final lawsuits against Amber Heard. This means he has to bring strong evidence and convince the jury of his innocence. This would strongly benefit to the way the press and the entire industry regard him.

Another advantage that could salvage him is the support he has from fellow actors. For instance, Greg Ellis shared on his Instagram account that he wants to expose “Amber Heard’s #MeToo playbook”. Even ex-partners Winona Ryder and Vanessa Paradis made statements regarding Depp never laying hands on them.  Moreover, well-known pop-star Sia also tweeted about this matter, taking Depp’s side. “He is clearly the victim”, she says.

All in all, while we are aware of Johnny Depp’s flaws regarding drugs and alcohol, we have to acknowledge the fact that there are chances for him to be in fact innocent in this case. Hopefully, more evidence will be brought to light and the trials will bring along with them justice.


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