The guidebook of a random dude regarding life

The guidebook of a random dude
The guidebook of a random dude

If you’re reading this, it means I don’t live the life I want.

The war I fight with my own self in the name of success is currently a stalemate. My opponent is fierce, my training is lacking. If I’m ever going to ascend to a moral pedestal and a better destiny, I need to break the stalemate. I know what I need to do, but I just can’t seem to apply it.
But your war needn’t be so long. Just use this strategy I don’t use, and you’ll succeed, or at least, gain an advantage. The enemy is ruthless, and this is what his generals do on the battlefield. Welcome to “The guidebook of a random dude regarding life”, I hope you’ll enjoy my Ted talk.

The power of dopamine and social media. Whenever I hear Facebook buzzing, I feel the urge to pick up the phone and look at the notification.

This not only creates an addiction, but it defocuses you from whatever you were doing. I excuse myself with something like ‘But what if it’s something important, something crucial?’ C’mon, I know 98.5% of all message aren’t, but I just can’t help myself. What you need to do is avoid this at all costs. It doesn’t matter that someone tagged in you in a message. Unless it’s something that can’t be done later, you shouldn’t stop that document you were so eager to write. Apply whatever tactics you need to. Log out, uninstall, make it a pain to open it, whatever you need to do. Scorch your earth in front of the enemy and don’t give in to temptation.

Procrastination. This is the equivalent of instilling fear in a population by a tyrant government.

I fear change, I fear work, I fear stepping out of my comfort zone. You probably do too. However, know this. If these didn’t characterize me, I’d surely be much farther in life than I am now. Do not kill the president, the medic, the journalist, or the artist that lives inside you just because it’s easy to do nothing. Grab the bull by its horns.

The guidebook of a random dude regarding life

Do not listen to haters. They don’t want you to live a life you want, they want you to be as miserable as them.

If you’re religious, just open your religion guidebook and pray to whatever deity you worship. Ask your god to give you teeth to bite your opponents and do everything despite them. I’ve been told too many times that I can’t do something, and sadly, I listened. If you’re not religious, just find it in you. You know you got what it takes. Straighten your back, chin up, and push forward, you’ll find out that most haters quickly crawl back to the snake den they crawled out of in the first place.

Fight your own mind. Your mind isn’t your own. You need to make it your own.

Fight that urge to not get out of bed, fall out of it and hit the floor if you can’t get up. Do not fall into doubts, choose only a few thoughts and stick with them. Take everything into calculation, but still do what you feel you want to do. You know why stupid people are so bold? Because their idiot mind can’t overthink. They just don’t have the ability to do that. That means you have at least some more intelligence than them. Whenever I’ve doubted myself, I suffered, and whenever I had faith in me, I conquered.

Just shut up when you talk to someone. Resist the urge of talking about whatever thing that happened to you. Be a good listener.

I suffer from this way too often. Jordan Peterson says it best in his book, 12 Rules for Life: ‘You can be pretty smart if you just shut up. Assume that the person you’re talking to might know something you don’t.’ I have the ear chewer gene in my gene pool, but you can be better than me. And I as well, need to be better than myself.

Focus and dedicate yourself.

Do you see what happens when you focus and dedicate all your energy and effort into a thing? I’ve just written a pocket guide to life in 20 minutes for you, and I hope, for me as well. The world is full of mediocrity and wasted potential, so why do we need to be like the world? It is in your power to make your own world a better place.

The only thing you need to do is to think big, and dream big, then, work on yourself to find the godly power that is somewhere hidden in you.

I know I have it as well, somewhere, because otherwise, I wouldn’t notice the things I’m doing wrong. After war passes, peace always comes.

Author: Adrian Muntean



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