The Fuck-It List – or why most American teenager movies are so unrealistic

The F**k-It List – or why most American teenager movies are so unrealistic
“The Fuck-It List” is a new Netflix movie that revolves around the life of Brett, the perfect teenager. Brett is an all-A’s high school senior, who plays the clarinet and is accepted to seven Ivy League Universities and waitlisted at Harvard. Oh, and not to mention that his parents are rich. A dream, right?
However, Brett ruins his perfect life by being caught in a high school prank that blows the school up. This leads to management refusing his graduation and the seven Ivy League Universities rejecting him as a future student. Brett’s reaction to this?

“Oh, let’s make a video in which I confess how much I hate my perfect life!”.

As expected, the video goes viral – we live in the social media era, right? – and thousands of other REGULAR teenagers become empowered to share their own struggles.

So “Fuck It” becomes a teenager anthem.

Why this movie is so unrealistic for the majority of teenagers? Well, maybe because the majority of teenagers is not rich? Sure, you can afford to say “fuck it” when your parents are rich and influential. Oh, and when you live in America, where you can basically do anything. Proof being the fact that Brett’s parents manage to pull some strings for him to get another chance to be accepted at Harvard. But, no, Brett says “fuck it” and declines his second chance. He runs away from his “miserable” life, to chase love.

In reality, however, things are not like this.

If you’re a regular teenager, you can’t afford to run away from your problems because, guess what! You’re poor! And there are a lot of teenager movies and TV shows that are as dangerous as this, as they give false expectations to young minds. For example, Skins, starring teenagers who do drugs all the time and are depressed; or Pretty Little Liars, where everyone is dressed like in a fashion show. Probably that’s why a lot of youngsters become depressed from an increasingly younger age – false expectations.

There is a review on IMDB that describes this movie perfectly:

“This movie is so terrible that I made an IMDB account for the sole purpose of rating it one star. There are no lessons to be learned from this movie, besides the lesson that movies like this shouldn’t be funded, created, celebrated, or shared. If you are above the age of 14, this movie is a waste of your time and a disgrace to our society. If you are between the ages of 10-14, this movie will turn your brain into a can of worms.” Another user confirms that “everything is just teeny and just oblivious to the real world.”
So, what do you think? Have you already watched this movie or planning to? What is your opinion about it?


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