The first Coronavirus Vaccine, a creation of Russian Scientists


Earlier today international media outlets announced the shocking news. Russia’s very own President, Vladimir Putin, has declared the first Coronavirus vaccine as a viable Russian creation.

What is this new vaccine?

In a government meeting in Moscow, the Russian President spoke about the first solution of this kind. Developed by the Gamaleya National Research Center, the vaccine is supposedly highly efficient concerning the improvement of our immune system. Created with human adenovirus and dead COVID-19 particles, it is meant to be administered through two injections.

Proven results?

Putin assured the Kremlin government that its success came as a result of the experiments conducted on volunteers. Following various tests, they became immune to the deadly virus. The President also went as far as to mention his own daughter as a positive example of the trials. After two days of increased fever, she started to build up her immunity levels.

The vaccine’s evolution

The Russian Health Ministry has already registered the vaccine. At the moment, it is preparing to start a mass vaccination campaign as of October 2020. The new vaccine will be available to anyone who volunteers to try it. Not only that, but it will be financially supported by the authorities. Doctors, the elderly and teachers will be the main priority, followed by the rest of the population.

Safe or not?

Even so, global specialists are skeptical as to whether the vaccine should be implemented worldwide. This comes as a result of the insufficient number of tests carried out. The Food and Drug Administration in the United States stressed that the vaccine should have a 50% or higher rate of efficiency before it is launched. This would ensure the safety of the future receivers.

With the virus spreading at the highest rate yet in every corner of the world, vaccines are being designed as we speak. More than 165 are currently under development, while approximately 30 have reached the human testing stage, including the first Russian Coronavirus vaccine.

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