The energetical properties of the precious stones-what to use them for


Precious stones are the ones that fall into the group of sapphires, emeralds, rubies, or diamonds. What many people do not know is that they are not only for decorative purposes but are also repellants or attractants.

I put together a few paragraphs about them. Here are the most important things you should know about precious stones and their properties:


The sapphire may be my most favourite gemstone, as it also is my birthstone. The blue ones represent and attract royalty, elegance, wisdom, clarity.
It typically is blue (or red, and it’s called ruby), but it’s also found in other colours: orange, green, pink, yellow, violet, or even black-brown coloured. However, the colour of sapphires may change under different types of lighting.


Or also named Manik, is a pink or red-coloured gemstone. Ruby, as you could tell from its appearance, is a stone that represents fiery, strong emotions: burning passion, love, deep happiness, or even deep sorrow, anger.
Moreover, myths say rubies save your household from storms, drought, natural hazards. The stone’s colour resembles blood, the reason why it is believed that having a ruby around will improve your blood circulation.


The emerald is a green-coloured precious stone. It is easily possible to confuse with turmaline. Exactly as rubies, sapphires, and diamonds, emeralds represent royalty, nobility.
Since the earliest times, it has been known as” the stone of successful love” or as the stone that changes its colour when exposed to unfaithfulness.
Keeping an emerald around, or wearing it in jewellery helps you be more patient and compassionate.


Currently, the hardest on Moh’s Scale, the diamond is used as a cutting tool, as decoration, for jewellery, and many other things.
Diamonds are often clear, pink, or yellow and rarely blue.
The diamond is a stone that will periodically need to be recharged energetically. It stimulates creativity, originality, it helps ease many physical issues. Some of these being related to eyes, kidneys, the digestive system, the throat.

Equally important, some people believe that it can cure one’s fears of the supernatural, metaphysical… or even several mental health problems: depression, anxiety, low self-esteem.

You know what they say, you don’t choose the stone, the stone chooses you. Wear whichever calls you the most, whichever you feel the most drawn to.



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