The eight reasons why I love babies and little kids so much


A.S.: Toddlers and kindergarteners included, they’re just huge babies that occasionally throw tantrums:)
Babies are such angels, the purest living creatures on Earth, aren’t they? Here you have the eight reasons why I love babies so much:

1. Their honesty

Small kids are 100% honest and straightforward. They’ll tell you if your dress looks like complete crap on you, if you have gotten fatter over time, if they like you or not… I feel like they are not afraid of the truth, not at all…
Unless they want something from you, of course:

2. They are enchanting liars

When children want something from you, they come up with such well-thought lies. They usually fail in fooling us, but it is the thought behind the lies they tell that impresses me every time. I get so touched that I feel like I could satisfy all of their cravings and spoil them however they want (spoiler alert: you do not!! want to do that).

3. They are really good at sensing energies

Babies can tell apart people by just the energy they give off, no matter how old they are. They can feel when their close ones are stressed, sad, happy, excited. Additionally, they carry on the same energies they get surrounded by.

4. Their love is the sweetest you’ll ever experience

Have you ever had a baby suddenly come up at you and just give you a kiss? No matter how dirty their face or hands are, they give the sweetest kisses and hugs.
Because they are extremely honest, you can be sure that their love is always genuine.

5. The best at body language

Even though they may not know how to talk yet, babies are the best at body language. Their facial expressions are on fleek at any time. The way they dress, the way they sit, the way they eat, each one tells us something. Their reactions are on the spot and they do whatever they feel like doing, without controlling themselves. This way you know exactly how they feel or what they think.

6. Over the top full of zeal

Ever since I have become a teenager, I have continuously been asking myself how do kids manage to stay so energetic. Even when they are hungry, sleepy, they’re still energetic.
I have later on come to the (really obvious) conclusion that the reason why they have so much zeal is that they have absolutely no responsibilities, they are not being held accountable for anything.

7. All the cute questions they keep asking

You may remember how your parents would react to the pointless questions you would ask as a little kid. Their answers would be as adorable.
I am deeply in love with all the why’s and how’s. Also, educating little children is a good deed, a beautiful thing to do.

8. Last but definitely not least, their looks

Their big eyes, their chubby cheeks… Cuteness overload.

Kids can get annoying and tiring at times but, God, they’re priceless.

Let us know what are the reasons you love kids for, we’re eager to find out!

If you, too, love kids but do not know how to make them behave or how to keep them happy, I suggest you read our article about babysitting right here.


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