The Driver Era: an amazing band you need to hear

The Driver Era: an amazing band you need to hear
Most people don’t know about this band called “The Driver Era”. But no worries, I will show you why you should definitely give them a chance!

The Driver Era is an American duo consisting of brothers Rocky and Ross Lynch, from Los Angeles, California, who wanted to show their talent of composing through the music they sing. The song they debuted with is called Preacher Man (2018) and until now, they have two albums released, named (2019) and Girlfriend (2021)

Before this band, they were known as R5, a pop-rock band with 5 members, four brothers (one girl and 3 boys) and one good friend. Unfortunately, they had to disband due to some personal reasons, but the youngest brothers decided to come back to the music industry under a new name, The Driver Era.

I was a big fan of R5, but when I found out that they disbanded, I felt very sad, as if the world had been torn apart. Like my friends who loved popular bands, like One Direction, 5 Second of Summer, and many more, I also wanted to support my favourite band and I hoped that they will never give up on their passion for music. To my unhappiness, this unfortunate event happened. But the sadness didn’t last long, because when I discovered that they will come back, everything became as wonderful as the first time I discovered the band.

Who are these two brothers?

The Driver Era: an amazing band you need to hear

I think everyone has an idea about Ross Lynch. Besides composing and singing, he is also a great actor. The most popular TV series and movies in which he appeared, are actually Disney productions, like Austin & Ally or Teen Beach Movie.

Now, he is also well known for more important characters, from some films with mature content. Among them are My Friend Dahmer (where he played the main character of the movie) and the famous Netflix TV show, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (participating in the series as Harvey Kinkle).

However, his older brother, Rocky Lynch isn’t as popular as Ross. His only job is composing and being a member of his band, The Driver Era. Rocky doesn’t consider these activities as a job, but more like a hobby, something pleasant to do and to express himself.

In their band, Ross is the lead vocalist, and Rocky is the lead guitarist, but they can both sing and play at guitar. And even though the former members of R5 don’t appear with them at interviews, they still help them in concerts, by playing different instruments.

What do they sing?

In their first band R5, the songs that they sang were mostly pop-rock genre, but now, as The Driver Era, their songs have changed a lot. Now, they prefer to compose and play alternative rock music, which gives a totally different vibe from what they sang before.

Personally, I think this change suits them better, especially because they are growing up and start to experience several events, from which they can inspire and create extraordinary and meaningful masterpieces.

From songs that give you energy and are perfect for parties with friends, to songs that can calm you and that can get you deep in your thoughts with their emotional lyrics, this band can satisfy the preferences of many people. I’m not the kind of person who listens to songs with a slow rhythm, but The Driver Era really has some interesting ones, which don’t bore me and make me listen to them over and over again.

Some of my favourite ones, which I highly recommend you listen to, are A KissAfterglowTake Me Away and Heaven Angel.

I hope I made you curious about The Driver Era, and I will love to know which songs became your favourite and I really want to know your opinion about this band and their nice songs!


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