The doctor who predicted Coronavirus is dead! Rare revolt in China, free expression requested!

The doctor who predicted Coronavirus
The doctor who predicted Coronavirus

The doctor who predicted Coronavirus died in the hospital after being infected with it. The coronavirus has killed hundreds of people while infecting thousands.

Dr. Li Wenliang, the doctor who predicted Coronavirus, was working at the center of the outbreak in December when he noticed seven cases of the virus. He believed that those were cases of Sars – the virus that led to a global epidemic in 2003. These cases were believed to come from the Huanan, Wuhan seafood market. The patients were quarantined in his hospital. When the doctor told his colleagues via a messenger group about the outbreak and the need for emergency quarantine, the Chinese authorities visited him. They accused him of false alarm.

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When Coronavirus, the virus that belongs to the coronaviride family, expanded and was officially declared a global emergency, the doctor was seen as a hero. Things took an unfortunate turn for Wenliang because he contracted the virus.

Doctor Li Wenliang died at only 34 years old on Friday. The Chinese people had tough reactions.

The state media stirred after asserting and then dismissed Wenliang’s death, withdrawing the news.

Li Wenliang – a hero for the people, the reason for the harsh reactions directed to the Government. According to The New York Times, people have started a real uprising in the online media. They posted the famous song from Les Miserables “Do you hear the people sing?”.

Article 35 of the Constitution of China is declared. It pleads for the right to free expression!
They also used Twitter as a platform, citing phrases from the poem “For Whom the Bell Tolls”.

Xu Danei, the founder of the WeChat platform, wrote in a message: “Tonight is a monumental moment for our collective consciousness.”
In the censored community of China, it is extremely rare for people to publicly express their anger towards their leaders.

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The propaganda of the Communist Party gives way!

Messages of anger, mourning, and hatred of China’s leaders are flowing on social media. Even the Communist Party seemed to acknowledge the blame for the Li Wenliang case, which is why they called a team to investigate “the issues publicly mentioned in the Li Wenliang case,” according to The New York Times.

People are upset after the doctor who predicted Coronavirus died because of it. Authorities were indicted for failing to take the necessary measures to prevent the 2003 epidemic. Because he was not heard, now doctor Li Wenliang is the symbol of the Right to Free Speech.




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