The disappointing morning routine of a basic INFP



After snoozing at least 3 alarms, finally wake up. Then, stay in bed until it’s crucial for you to wake up and you are already late with everything you had to do. After you get yourself out of bed, brush your teeth because you hate the feeling of not having your teeth brushed. Then, you think about whether you should wash your face then or later. You remember you have read that cold water is the best thing to wake you up, but you don’t feel like doing it so you abandon the idea. Then, you go watch a couple episodes of Friends. That sounds more like a morning routine for an INFP.


Finally, you decide to have breakfast. What will you eat? I mean, you have spent all day before watching models’ morning routine and their healthy cool breakfast. You think about some ideas and make a nice breakfast. You’re happy, but then you realize how many dishes you have to clean now. So you’re sad again because you can’t stop looking at it while you’re also too lazy to wash them. What a life. With that thought you’ll listen to some music and imagine how beautiful it would be if you were rich enough to have someone clean your mess.


You clean your room so you can be peaceful and, the most important thing of the day, drink your nice coffee. Yes, the one you’ve just learned how to make after watching a tutorial. Then, put yourself in front of the desk and make a to-do list. You probably won’t finish it though. I mean, you’ll rather watch a movie or read everything you can find about a random person you’ve just seen on TV.
Well, if you find yourself in any of these, you might be an INFP too. And if you haven’t already, take a personality test. It’s easy to find and requires no more than 10 minutes. What you find about your personality might be very interesting and relatable.


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