The diary of a coffee-addict


Coffee… The magic potion that banishes sleep and slaps you in the face with energy. Some of us can’t imagine mornings without coffee, whereas others have already forgotten it still exists. If you are part of the first category, you already know you are a coffee-addict.

Ever since I discovered it, I became one of those people who can’t imagine their lives without a cup of coffee in their hands. However, I’m not the kind that can’t kick off their day without coffee. There are some mornings when I don’t have the time to drink it, so my “morning coffee” turns into my “afternoon coffee”.

The beginning of a love story

I was in my freshman year when I first experienced stress and tiredness.

Shortly after that, the disgusting coffee I used to drink in my first year of high-school became an escape, a way to relax and clear my mind.

Sometimes the pleasure goes beyond me

And so, the harmless morning coffee leads me to the coffee that relaxes me and gives me energy in the afternoon. Of course, I don’t stop there and the last coffee I have is around 7 PM. And keep in mind that is one of my good days because sometimes I drink way more coffee than I probably should. If it were up to me, I’d wake up in the middle of the night and make a cup of coffee.

Because I didn’t want to limit this article to my own opinion, I discussed it with three other coffee lovers.

Where did the vice come from?

Georgiana Badea, 18 now, started drinking coffee 4 years ago:

Coffee – the habit I could never quit. I started drinking coffee when I was in 8th grade, around my exams. I’ll admit that until then I was absolutely terrified of the idea of becoming a stressed, coffee-addict grown-up, like my mother. Meanwhile, I learned that no matter the age, coffee is just not a good idea. Why? Because it will be your remedy and refuge, your source of serotonin and even an excuse for going out. “Let’s have coffee together, what do you say?”. I associate the taste of coffee with the first love: sweet when you feel like you are about to faint and need to stay awake but terribly bitter when you least expect it. Don’t start drinking coffee! You will become poets surrounded by coffee pots and mugs!”

Sometimes, parents can be the source of our stress and our coffee-addiction. Learn how to deal with stressful parents here!

Andreea Catalano, 17; coffee, cats & books lover:

“Well, I started drinking coffee in the true of the word in 10th grade. Since then, I didn’t start any morning without it. We are close friends, it always helps me and I love it for that. I love all kinds of coffee, starting from espresso and ending with latte and cappuccino. I think my main reason for drinking coffee is its taste. That makes me feel happy and fulfilled and as some would say,Today’s good mood is sponsored by coffee.”. It goes right to my heart, every time.”

Alexandru Ciubotaru, 20, the man that leaves no coffee behind:

“I started drinking coffee when I was 15. My mother is an avid coffee drinker. At first, I couldn’t drink it without milk or sugar. The time passed and I got used to strong coffee, sometimes even more than 4 cups a day. I became a coffee-addict. Initially, I used it as a way of keeping myself awake for as long as possible. But as time passed by, I realized how much I love the taste, the scent, the energy and the vibe it was giving me.

Eventually, the energy boost and tiredness tone down became my least reasons for drinking coffee. It was even a replacement for water at times, becoming my main source of hydration. I’ve even had coffee overseas, in the US but it was different there. Too sweet to wake you up. I’ve had my adventures with energy drinks too but coffee will always be the love of my life, no matter the time or aroma!”

In the end, for many of us, coffee represents more than an ordinary drink. Some of us see it as a friend and others as a dose of adrenaline. Personally, I see it as my moment of peace and relaxation. However, when it comes to my cats, they look at coffee like it’s poison. At the same time, others remember it as part of the diary of a coffee-addict.

Everyone has its own vision of coffee, just like everyone has its own preferences when it comes to it.

Author: Ana-Maria Retegan


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