The Democrat Joe Biden won the 2020 US presidential election!


The Democrat Joe Biden won the 59th quadrennial American presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020. After a tough fight, in the end, the former Vice President of the United States became the 47th American president.

In which states did Biden lead?

Unsurprisingly, the former Vice President won the votes of the majority of people. In states like Massachusetts, California and Washington, over 60% of the citizens voted for the Democrat. While other states, such as Florida, Utah, Idaho and Georgia preferred to reelect Donald Trump as their president. Even so, J. Biden came first in place! A lot of the american citizens put their last hope in this election and the results are clear. The battle was so tight that in a lot of states the procentage differed by only a few, small decimal numbers! The Democrat is also the oldest person to become an american president, at the age of 78! The inauguration of the 2020 presidential election will take place in 2021, on 20th of January.

Now, what?

On August 11, 2020 was announced Biden’s running mate: Kamala Harris. She now became the first female Vice President and the first African-American woman to occupy the seat next to the president. After the chaos caused by the pandemic and the protests following the death of George Floyd, Biden stands for the protection and expansion of the legislation’s scope. The electoral campaign had a lot of issues. From the over 230.000 americans killed by the virus to the slowly crushing economy, this year’s election was an even more stressful event. In order to acces funding for protective equipment, testing and research Biden advocated for funds under the Defense protection act.

Is uncertain what will happen next in the United States. Even though Biden won the 2020 American presidential election, the whole situation in the States remains unsure. The almost 9.5 milion of infected people, the racial tension and the economy tumbling down leave the US citizens confused and unsure.





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