The day I embraced my imperfections


I have been fighting battles with myself to accept the parts that I’ve always seen as flawed. About myself, my appearance, the world I’ve had in my mind for a while now. I’ve discouraged myself by comparing, by thinking I’m not enough. Everything until that day… The day I embraced my imperfections.

I think we all face this problem, sooner or later. It is important to be aware of the toxicity of self-consciousness, especially when we are criticizing things that, in reality, are not as imperfect as we see them.

I believe one of our main needs as humans is the need to feel accepted, to feel complete, to be part of a group.

But how could you feel complete and worthy of everything good in your life, if you don’t love yourself and feel comfortable with who you are?

Nobody’s perfect, that’s why you should love yourself first before anyone else does it. You’re not the only one who has imperfections. If you don’t believe me, read this article, you’ll thank me later!

I am not going to debate complex theories about self-love but remember that we can only earn it after countless wars with our dissatisfactions and frustrations when we finally come to embrace our imperfections. However, the word “imperfection” has the meaning we want it to have. In reality, nothing is imperfect.

Everything is exactly the way it needs to be.

I seriously contemplated over my journey, my self, the things I want and I’m heading to; what I realized is that all the pieces of my life will arrange themselves only when there will be equilibrium between me and everything I represent. Every decision I took in my life represents me and I am proud of myself. Or, at least, at peace with the present I am living in.

I tried to understand myself better and that led me to accept the things I haven’t been so proud of, stopped criticizing myself for how irascible or possessive I was at times. Choosing to quit bringing myself down for every little mistake made an enormous difference.

I made peace with myself and everything that represents me.

I accepted my scars, the more visible ones but the more hidden and observed only by those who had the patience to get to know who I truly am. And most importantly, I took every single thing about me and I gave it the much-needed love. I know that without doing that, the person I am today wouldn’t have been the same.

The day I embraced my imperfections was the day I became free. Free from society, free of my failures and insecurities. The day I embraced my imperfections was the day I finally rediscovered my true self.



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