The dangers of Formula One


Formula One is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. Just imagine yourself going 300kph around the track 60 times each weekend. Not only this but it’s not only you, it’s also 19 other drivers you have to battle to get their position at each corner of the track.

This is why in its 70 years of existence Formula 1 has regulated the safety measures in order to keep the drivers safe. There have been many developments in the the safety precautions so that even after the most hardcore accidents, the drivers are able to walk away from the car unscathed.

The crash of Romain Grosjean 


(image source: the sun)

One of the most prominent examples of the safety precautions doing their job is Grosjean Romain’s accident during the Bahrain Grand Prix. In the first lap of the race he collided with Daniil Kvyat, a crash which sent Grosjean in the metal protective barriers of the circuit. Not only this but his car split in half and the engine blew itself up. This was one accident which many describe as “something they have never seen before”. Here is a video of the accident

The controversial halo

The dangers of Formula One

(image source: autosport)

During the 2018 season of Formula 1 a protective barrier made out of titanium was added above the driver’s head, such that if an accident were to happen the driver’s head was protected by the halo. This barrier was controversial because, in order to put a barrier about the driver’s head, there had to be placed a strong metal bar right in front of the driver’s point of view. Also, many people have said that the halo looks outright ugly. 

During the Belgian Grand Prix in Spa Fernando Alonso lost control of his car and jumped right over Charles Leclerc’s head. But instead of hitting his helmet, Alonso’s car hit the halo, saving Charles’s life. Here is a picture from the crash:

The dangers of Formula One

(image source: roadandtrack)

All in all, I consider this sport to be one of the most intense and dangerous sports of all time. Many people consider crashes to be one of the essential parts of the sport. I believe all the safety precautions are essential so as the drivers are safe, even in the most intense of crashes.



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